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Dear Friend

Chris T Atkinson is the Founder of “The Worlds #1 Law of Attraction Blog and Newsletter” and is known as “The Law of Attraction Life Purpose Coach”. He and his various websites are dedicated to helping people in using The Law of Attraction and The Universal Laws and Principles to create the life of their dreams…

His many Articles, Special Reports and Publications including the series “The Law of Attraction Quotes”, “The Little Known Success Secrets” and “A Message From The Masters of The Secret” are Changing Lives Around The World..

Chris has dedicated his life to helping people “Live Like The Master” and not the slave so people can “Determine Their Destiny” whilst helping others to do the same. His Goal being to work with other like minded, noble hearted people around the world to Make The World a Kinder More Loving Place To Live…

One of Chris’s favorite quotes coming from Gandhi who who rightly said:-

“Be The Change You Wish To See In The World”…

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Helping You Determine Your Destiny

Chris T Atkinson 🙂
The Law of Attraction Life Purpose Coach
And Founder of The Worlds #1 Law of Attraction Blog & Newsletter

PS Enjoy the Life Changing Special Report & Video below that will teach you the secret to both using the law of attraction and living the law of attraction in order to Create The Life of Your Dreams! 🙂 …


The Law of Attraction Special Report/Video


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