Creative Visualization Review by Shakti Gawain

Welcome to the Creative Visualization Review or rather the review of Shakti Gawain’s classic book “Creative Visualization”. To begin, this is one contribution to the world of self-help and success which should not be overlooked. Creative Visualization has been read by millions of people all across the world. It has helped people manifest their inner most desires through the process of visualization. Keep reading to learn how you can use the techniques in this book to strengthen the power of your mind and gain more leverage over the universe.

About the Book

Shakti’s message is very simple: “You create our own reality”. This seemingly minute concept is actually the basis behind the book and also a very powerful one. The book itself is rather thin (about 127 pages) and is divided into many smaller chapters, which makes skimming and finding your way around a simple task. Shakti places a lot of emphasis on affirmations- which are basically positive statements you say either out loud or silently to attract the things you want.

She emphasizes that one shouldn’t disregard the power of negativity because it too can cause you to achieve great things if harnessed properly. Shakti helps readers discover and acknowledge their own inner road blocks so that they can remove them and create the reality they truly want. She also goes into great detail discussing why we are attracting why we attract negative outcomes and how we can go about changing that.

Book Structure

The book is divided up into five different parts:

  1. Basics of Creative Visualization
  2. How to Use Creative Visualization
  3. Affirmations and Meditations
  4. Using Special Techniques
  5. How to Live Creatively

The beginning of the book focuses on teaching people the importance of relaxing their mind so that visualization becomes more effective. Once you’re relaxed, you can then encourage positive images to flow into your mind. Shakti also adds that it is very important to include as many details as possible as this will increase the likelihood of it manifesting in the real world.

She also notes that it is okay to consciously decide to create a good life even though there are many, many people suffering in the world. You won’t harm others by wanting to bring more abundance into your life. Quite the contrary, the only way to help those who are suffering is to make your life more abundant. Before you can help others, you first must help yourself.

Creative Visualization Exercises

Now, let’s talk about some of the exercises discussed in the book during this Creative Visualization Review and Shakti Gawain. Shakti does a good job of offering multiple exercises in her book. However, she also adds that they have no affect if the individual simply reads them- you need to actively participate in them if you want them to work. For example, there is an exercise called the “Pink Bubble Technique” which basically guides a reader through a visualization exercise where he or she is floating in a pink bubble away into the universe and waiting to manifest on Earth. One key point to consider about this exercise is that you shouldn’t strain or put a lot of effort to reach your goal.

There is a section in the fourth part of the book which is called “Special Techniques” and it includes an exercise which has a treasure map and involves a playful game. Basically, you draw your desire (make it believable to you), place a picture of you on the map, and use it as a visual representation of your chase towards your goals and dreams.


Creative Visualization is a must-read for anyone who truly wants to benefit from great material and learn from someone who is experience in the field of visualization. You’ll learn a variety of different manifesting techniques, increase your knowledge about the Law of Attraction, and create the life of your dreams. If this sounds like something which interests you, then check out Shakti Gawain’s book today.

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