Reviews of the Secret

In this article, we are going to cover what the Secret is all about. You may have witnessed the advertising, hype, and media coverage on the movie (or book), but do you actually know what it’s all about? Most people don’t; and that’s okay. This article will be your guide to the Secret and hopefully shed some light on the Law of Attraction and how it can help your life. Mostly though, these are going to be reviews of the Secret– based on real life examples of people who have used it. This way, you can receive a more accurate depiction of the story. With that being said, let’s begin.

Initial Reaction

At first glance, the Secret may seem or feel like a very cheesy or awkward self-help program designed to inherit your money. After all, it is very visually dynamic and user friendly which may fool people into thinking that it offers no real value. What you must realize is that the Secret isn’t really a typical film; it’s basically a series of interviews conducted on some of the most influential and powerful people on the planet. These individuals specialize in a variety of fields including self-help, Law of Attraction, mind power, and Quantum Physics (just to name a few). They offer their insight and help answer one question which every person on this planet has: “How can I make the circumstances of my life better?”

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Secret is the Law of Attraction. So, that’s it? That’s the big secret? Yes, the Secret is the Law of Attraction. Basically, this law states, “Like attracts like”. If you think one sustained thought for an elongated period of time (with enough emotion behind it) something is going to manifest from that. That is the basis behind the book and movie. I guess that reason it’s called the “Secret” is because not very many people understand this power. Let me take that back; it’s not even a power really- it’s a universal law which must adhere to your thoughts. It can’t “not” work. It operates on a daily basis for everybody, every time.

Focusing on Focus

The Secret really places an emphasis on increasing the power of your mind. Your mind is actually very powerful. However, growing up we were never really taught how to utilize that power to achieve the things we wanted. It isn’t your fault. Blame society if you have to blame anybody. Anyways, when you focus on something, and I mean a real narrow focus, you will inevitably attract that thing into your life. Note that I said inevitably- this is true. There is no guesswork with the Law of Attraction. If you place the thought with enough emotion behind it and believe that it’s possible to achieve, have, or be then you will have it; the universe won’t question you.

What Areas of Life does it help?

All areas! The Law of Attraction can help people increase their wealth, recover from an illness, and create blissful and meaningful relationships with people they care about. The Secret literally helps people in all areas of their lives. If you want wealth, then there are steps you can take to acquire more wealth. If you want happiness, then there are ways to achieve more of that. Never limit yourself to bettering one area of your life when you use the Secret.

Helping You Determine Your Destiny

Chris T Atkinson 🙂
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