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If you have already watched the Secret or read the book, then you may be feeling very inspired right now. However, inspiration can only take you so far. You have to be able to apply what you’ve learned in order for dreams to actually manifest. Well, you are in luck because the SGR Program is your solution. It was designed to help you link what you’ve learned in the Secret with the practicality of actually using it. This is the Science of Getting Rich SGR Program review.


When people first stumble upon this program, they automatically think “Money”. However, it offers so much more! It’s important that you realize this because some people are interested in better all areas of their lives- not just one. You also might think that this is another “get-rich-quick” scheme designed to take your money. This isn’t true. The SGR Program is backed by some authority figures in the self-help community including Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, and Bob Proctor.

As you probably already know, these notable figures were interviewed in the Secret and they have tons of learning material on the market today to be considered experts in their field. They help millions of people around the world and all three have brought their knowledge together to give you the SGR program.

What You Will Learn

As we previously mentioned, the SGR program isn’t about attracting bundles of cash and luxury items. While those things are nice, that isn’t what it’s about. Can you get rich using this program? Can you attract nice cars, mansions, and private jets? You most certainly can attract those things. However, the basis behind this program is to teach you the fundamentals to attract anything you want and help you discover a passion that you’ve never felt before.

You see, the main reason people never get the things they want in life is because they self-sabotage their own success. Abundance is our birthright. We are actually meant to have every single thing that we want. However, bad experiences, limiting beliefs, and bad parenting all play a part in causing you to believe that you don’t deserve those things. But you do. The SGR program teaches you how to get back in touch with your inner most desires and get back “into frequency” so that you can experience the joy and happiness that you deserve.

What the Program Includes

For those wondering, this product comes with a lot:

  1. The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles (basis behind the Secret)
  2. 17 Sessions: Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, and Bob Proctor teach you to how fundamentally apply the Law of Attraction
  3. Personal Digital Workbook: This helps you create a plan which helps you with your particular situation.
  4. Audio Files (So that you can take the program with you anywhere)
  5. Online Community: You can get together and interact with other individuals who have purchased the program. This helps you get insight from people who are actually using it and get inspired by success stories.
  6. 30 Minute Phone Call: How cool would it be to speak with John Proctor himself? Well, with the SGR Program, you can for 30 minutes a week. He will give you guidance and help you better understand the Law of Attraction.


The SGR program is an excellent program to participate in. If you’ve seen the Secret or read the book then now you’ll be able to go more in-depth and learn tons of new and useful information. Think about it: you’ll be taught by three of the best self-help teachers in the world and have access to information that can truly change your life forever. There shouldn’t be any guesswork- join the SGR program today and experience the life you were destined for.

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