The Secret Review (Book & Movie) by Rhonda Byrnes

Welcome to The Secret Review of the book and movie by Rhonda Byrnes…Through my review of The Secret I hope to be able to help you make an informed decision whether to invest in this movie or book.

In only a few short years The Secret became the best selling personal development book in history catapulting it’s creator Rhonda Byrne into the Self Help Hall of Fame. Yet prior to the release of The Secret movie and book she was unknown to most. But what is most important is not Rhonda Byrnes but the message of the secret which was presented by over 12 world renown success coaches. Their message being best captured in the words of John Asaraf who said:

“You can have anything that you want, I don’t care how big it is.”

Not long after John Asaraf said the above quote Bob Proctor the self made millionaire comes along in the movie and introduces “The Secret” as the law of attraction.. He then shares how you are attracting everything into your life as a result of your dominant thoughts.

The Teachers & The Message In “The Secret”

One of the real strengths of “The Secret” movie and book is the line up of world class  teachers that chose to be in it. Some of these include Jack Canfield author of the best selling “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, Bob Proctor author of “You Were Born Rich”, Joe Vitale, John Asaraf, Arthur Ray and over a dozen other high achievers whose lives demonstrate their mastery of the law of attraction.

And all these world class personal development teachers believe that the same secret that helped them achieve so much (aka the law of attraction) also made others in history great. Others such as Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, JD Rockefeller, Beethoven, Leonardo Davinci and many others.

And though this may sound unreal. When one studies the lives of these historical figures it becomes apparent that they all believed this one thing.. Simply that one could determine what one attracted into their life by focusing ones thoughts continually on what one wanted..

They also believed that there is a Universal force that connects us all together with all that exists. So that when you intensely focused your thoughts on something, your mind and body would then become in sync with that something. So much so that you would start to attract the energies(people, resources etc) that align with your thoughts re this something.

And it is clear when we look at the great achievements of these historical and modern day people that one would be foolish to dismiss their belief in the existence and power of the law of attraction as nonsense.

A Friendly Caution Is Needed

Without doubt the law of attraction truths being shared in The Secret movie and book are groundbreaking and vital to awaken the masses to its power to attract a better life. But to use an analogy, there is more to building a house than just laying the foundation. For you need to also build the walls and roof.

And likewise the law of attraction steps taught in The Secret of: ask, believe and receive are the foundations of building the life you want. However they are not the complete picture. For when we look at the great achievers both past and present, they all share this in common. Each of them committed themselves to creating the life of their dreams by:-

  1. Meticulous Planning where they clearly see the end goal before they even start their journey toward it.
  2. Having a red hot passion or as Napoleon Hill in the classic book, ”Think & Grow Rich” called it, they each had “A Magnificent Obsession” to get what they want.
  3. They each possessed a bulldog kind of persistence expressed in daily taking action towards their goal… Yes a persistence that will not give up until they have achieved the object of their desire.

Whether that desire be helping the poor in India as was Mother Teresa’s burning desire. Or whether it be becoming financially free or finding the romance or ideal body weight and look you want. It matters not what the goal is just as long as one is persistent with a do or die attitude…

These three traits above are likened to the walls and roof of your best life you are wishing to build. And they are not covered in the “ask, believe and receive” steps in “The Secret” movie and book.

I say this, not to criticize the wonderful Rhonda Byrnes or her cast of world class success teachers in the movie & book. Because I believe they shared exactly the message they were meant to share.

Building upon the Law of Attraction foundation

For I believe they were meant to lay the foundational truths of the law of attraction.. And then the onus of responsibility would be on you & I to further seek out the truths needed to continue building the life of our dreams upon this foundation. As the master himself said, “Seek & you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you”

And from my studies of Rhonda Byrnes and her wonderful cast of world class success teachers I know that they also know that what they taught in The Secret regarding the law of attraction was only the foundation. They knowing that you will not attract your ideal life unless you back up your dreams with constant action and persistence…

If you are aware of this disclaimer then I know The Secret would make a wonderful and powerful addition to your library… And a major tool in your success tool box for creating the life of your dreams… Why? Because it will help you stay focused on what you want whilst you work out the detailed practical action plans of getting from A to B to C of what you want…

So I wish you all the best in harnessing the great secret law of attraction to your advantage… Thanks for reading my review of “The Secret” movie and book.

Helping You Determine Your Destiny

Chris T Atkinson 🙂
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