Famous People Quotes That Are My Favorites

The Heading For This Category Pretty Much Says It All… Ie In This Category I’ve Put Famous People’s Quotes That Have Inspired Me And Thus Become My Favorites… This category will be a work in progress that I’ll aim to add a Famous Persons Quotes to whose life and words have impacted me.. For example I may update the next post about Robert Kiyosaki whose work has had a major impact on my life…

Enjoy :) ..
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Khalil Gibran Quotes And Poems From The Prophet

Khalil Gibran Quotes And Poems From The Prophet – When I first read Khalil Gibran’s short little book “The Prophet” I was struck by the mans insight into human nature… And the way he was able to communicate these insights in such a poetic and powerful way… Below is a section of his writing from this book on On Joy and Sorrow that put so well into words the discovery that I had made myself… In that if we would love greatly & experience joy greatly then we would also be hurt greatly.. even as the grape must be crushed for others to enjoy the sweet wine that flows from it… Without further ado I give you Khalil Gibran…

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The Success Secrets And Famous Life Changing Quotes Of Albert Einstein Revealed

This quotes page for quotes by Albert Einstein came about after writing an article called, “What Willy Wonka And Einstein Taught Me About Success And The Law of Attraction” (great title hey).. I ended up using so many of Albert Einsteins quotes that I thought I may as well dedicate a page to him. And so here we are… and in digging for his quotes a I found some interesting facts about him that I hope inspire you. Plus I’ve listed many of his quotes..

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