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Welcome to the Inspirational Songs From Musicals And Movies Category… Music is such a gift that many of us take it for granted… Beautiful, Powerful Inspirational songs and music have the power to quickly lift our spirits and put hope in our hearts.. In fact it is one of the quickest way to put us in a positive, grateful state that is so essential if we are to harness the law of attraction…

As The Masters Book teaches:-

“Finally, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things” – (Philipians 4:8)

As with my Personal Quotes Art Gallery category I will seek to add new Inspirational songs From Musicals And Movies to this category on a regular basis to help put you in a joyous, positive, happy state of mind and heart each day. Which is essential if you are to use the law of attraction to create the life of your dreams and determine your destiny.

As The Masters Book teaches:-… “The Joy of the Lord (ie Love) is your Strength”…

For when you lack joy you lack strength. And when you lack inner strength. It is then you become out of sync with the Creator of the Universe. And when you are out of sync, you become like a tree that has been uprooted from the soil that once brought you the nutrients so essential for your growth and happiness.

But when you have joy, you have the strength of the Universe at your disposal. Because you are now rooted back into Love… Because you are now plugged back into “The Source” of all power and peace.. Just as an electrical appliance needs to be plugged back into the electrical socket on the wall. So we likewise need to plugged into “The Source” to experience the life we were created for…

As Jesus said, “When you abide in the vine you will bear much fruit”.. and elsewhere when he said, “It is not me who works but my Father in Heaven who works through me”… It is then we begin to harness and awaken our inner Genius.. which is really the Genie that lives in us ie the Genie-In-Us (ie: Genius).. Or rather the creator of the Universe expressing life, power and peace in and through us!..

So feel free to click on any of the large blue title links below to view to be inspired. And if you enjoy the songs then I encourage you to share the love by passing them onto a friend or two who needs a positive uplift… You can do this by scrolling to the end of the page of each Inspirational musicals movie song to click the social media share, tell a friend button.. Thanks for visiting my Inspirational Songs!…

Share the love, tell a friend, make a difference..

Helping You Determine Your Destiny
Chris T Atkinson :) ..

Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Eric Clapton, Inspirational Songs (Musical Movies)

Inspirational Musical Movies Song:- Somewhere Over The Rainbow
From the Movie:- The Wizard of Oz
Artist: Eric Clapton
Aim of Inspirational Song:- To Help You Feel Good to harness the law of attraction so you create the life of your dreams

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Spirit, Sound the Bugle, Byran Adams, Inspirational Songs (Musical Movies)

“Sound the Bugle” Inspirational Song By Byran Adams From the Musical Movie Called “Spirit” – That just transports you into the zone of “Feeling Good” and finding hope, faith and strength which is the key to abiding in LOVE and activating the law of attraction to create the life of your dreams…

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Willy Wonka, The Candy Man Can, Inspirational Songs(Musical Movies)

Willy Wonka, The Candy Man Can, Inspirational Songs

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