Practice Random Acts Of Kindness Short Inspirational Videos And Stories

The name of this category says it all.. The videos in this category will focus on the practice of random acts of kindness as seen in these short inspirational motivational video clips and stories… The goal of doing this is as always to help inspire you to stay in a positive state(vibration/mindset) that will help you to harness the law of attraction to create the life of your dreams

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Practice Random Acts of Kindness As Boy Inspires Kids And Kids Inspire Us All (Amazing Finish)

When I first saw this video it really touched me to see the beautiful side of humans.. And what is possible when we are spontaneously inspired to help another with no thought of return but just because… Love is a glorious thing… Its called Random Acts of Kindness As Boy Inspires Kids – Kids Inspire Us All (Amazing Finish) From Short Inspirational Motivational Video Clips

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