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Picture Quotes And Sayings About Life

“There are Wise Men still today who seek Salvation not in
Ivory Towers or among the vain glories of this world…
But who seek LOVE incarnate among the humble in heart
found in lowly rejected places and stables where the King
of Kings is Born… Places where many have no room in the
Inn of their heart for. But places where the Wise lay down
their Gifts and Treasures at the feet of the ONE who was
Born to Live and Die and Live Again Forever more…To show
The World that Love is All that matters.. Love that Lifts,
Heals and Comforts the Broken Hearted”

– Chris T Atkinson –
23rd of December 2012


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Chris T Atkinson 🙂
The Law of Attraction Life Purpose Coach
And Founder of The Worlds #1 Law of Attraction Blog & Newsletter


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