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“And I saw many Eagles moving as ‘ONE’.. With
healing in their Wings for the Nations”

– Chris T Atkinson –
20th of Nov 2012
The Law of Attraction Blog

Quote Copyright © 2012 Chris T Atkinson


Eagles have incredible vision & are creatures who are self reliant in their hunting abilities… This Inspirational Picture Quote of the Eagle is a Prophetic Symbol of the type of Servant Leaders that I saw that would begin to increasingly emerge around the world as we continue to move forward into the 21st Century..

I saw a new breed of Servant Leaders in every Sphere of Influence around the world who would be motivated by love… Yes I saw Servant Leaders arising who would be motivated by love.. As compared to the mostly self serving leaders currently occupying major leadership positions around the world such as seen in world politics who have generally been motivated by greed and power…

And I saw these many Servant Leaders working towards a common vision to bring Healing to The Nations and it’s peoples… May it be so!…

Helping You Determine Your Destiny

Chris T Atkinson 🙂
The Law of Attraction Life Purpose Coach
And Founder of The Worlds #1 Law of Attraction Blog & Newsletter

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