101 Motivation

Have you ever noticed someone who seemed to be very self-driven? Maybe they did things with little regard for external rewards? If you’ve met someone like this, then chances are that he or she was probably very successful. Successful people tend to be very internally motivated and always seem to have enough drive to do things. Does this sound like something you would like to achieve? If so, then keep reading and learn about 101 motivation and how it can positively change your life.

What is Motivation?

To begin, let’s take a look at what motivation means. If you take the time to break the word down into two segments, you’ll notice that it comes out to: “Motive” and “Action”. So motivation basically means a motive to action. You may want to make more money, improve the condition of your life, and do a number of other things which you day dream about all day long. By taking a closer look at the things you want in life, you begin to develop a better understand of why you want those thing- a key thing to remember in 101 motivation. Once you have a motive, action seems to effortlessly take place.

As a general rule of thumb, it is much better to be driven via positive emotions than by negative emotions. For example, if you quit your job because you hate your boss then that is a negatively motivated action. On the flipside, if you quit your job to start your own business so that you can support your family and spend more time with them, then that is a positively motivated action. Do you see the difference?

Discovering Your Motive

Doing something for the right reasons will drive you to succeed so much more than doing something for the wrong reasons. Let’s say that you would like to make more money. What is your reason for wanting this? Do you want it so that you can show it off to your family and friends through your new clothes and car? Or do you want it because you believe that you’ve earned it and it’s a milestone which represents your success?

If you are catching on to the pattern, you know that the first reason is done from a stand point of greed and negativity- not the best form of motivation. The second scenario is clearly a better reason to make money because you are doing so via a positive emotion. When your purpose in life is to do things for other reasons besides external reward, that’s when you know that you are on the right track. Other examples of healthy motives may be providing a better education for your child, help take care of your parents, or establish a charity program which gives to the less fortunate. These are motives which go way beyond selfishness.

Helping Others

When you help others, you are actually getting more than we give. Giving gives us a higher sense of personal fulfillment. For some strange reason it also seems to open the flood gates and allow success to effortless flow into your life. Although this might be a difficult pill to swallow at first, helping others is very rewarding and can give you more motivated than you’ve ever experienced.

A legitimate home-based business is probably one of the best ways for the average person to become wealthy. Yet, so many people give up early because things got difficult or it wasn’t what they thought it was going to be. Either way, not reaching a goal is a result of one thing: lack of positive motives. Along with have unshakable confidence and belief in yourself, you must be internally motivated if you ever plan on achieving long-term success in life. Materialistic rewards dry up and get old fast. The only way to truly stick with something is to love what you do- ask anybody who has ever been successful in life and they will tell you the same thing.

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