Daily Motivation Part 2

Daily motivation is just like sleep- just because you did it yesterday doesn’t mean you don’t need to do it again today. Your body requires certain things on a daily basis (food, water, etc.) in order for it to stay healthy. Likewise, your mind needs to remain stimulated in order to function properly. If your mind isn’t stimulated, then it has no desire to learn or grow. This is also known as being unmotivated.

If you are like most people, then you probably find yourself on an emotional high one day and completely drained the next. This is completely normal. One reason this happens is because you have nothing to strive for. Wise ones have said, “The opposite of happiness isn’t sadness; it’s boredom”. When you don’t have a burning desire to chase a goal, it can be very difficult to stay motivated day in and day out. Daily motivation is crucial to achieving success in your life.

Staying motivated every single day can be a difficult task. Fortunately, there are tips and techniques you can apply to make it easier. Keep reading to learn about what motivation is and how you can create more desire in your life in order to keep your engine running and striving for better things.

Understand “Why”

This is probably the most important concept when it comes to motivation: Why are you doing what you do? Are you doing it for the money? Are you doing it to get back at someone? Identifying the motives behind your actions is an excellent way to understand what motivates you and what doesn’t. Once you determine this, you can do things for the right reasons instead of the wrong ones and essentially, have more energy to get tasks done which relate to your particular goal.

Never Stay Stagnant

Always, always, always try to learn something new every day. Read inspirational books or pick up a new hobby. What you should never do is sit there. When you sit there, you are not growing. You need to stimulate your mind in whatever way possible. Give it something new to do or learn. Giving your mind new things to feed off of is one of the best ways to increase your motivation to do things.

Do What You Are Passionate About

What do you love to do? Whatever that answers is, do that. When you love something, chances are that you are happy when you are spending time around it. And when you are happy, you have more motivation to do things. For example, if you love exercising then trying participating in some kind of work out on a daily basis.

What Are Your Dreams?

Decide what you want most in life. Once you have it, hold onto to that dream and visualize it every day. The important thing here is to be absolutely clear about your desires? Do you want more money? Do you want an attractive spouse? Do you want a promotion? When you are clear about what you want, your subconscious mind automatically goes to work for making it happen. Feed your mind with goals whenever you get the chance. Overtime, it will become increasingly hard to separate yourself from your vision- it will become who you are. This is an excellent way to keep you motivated.

Take Action

It doesn’t how insignificant the action may appear; always take it if it relates to your goal. The number one reason why people lose motivation is because they fail to take any action whatsoever. Do something every day that is going to bring you closer to your desires. You would be surprised by how much a lot of little things add up to eventually create unstoppable momentum in your life.

Be Unrealistic

Yes, you read the heading correctly. To really give you the motivation to move forward, give yourself an outrageously unrealistic goal. Think about it: how many times have you ever set a goal only to achieve it and feel board afterwards? This happens to a lot of people. What you must realize is that goals aren’t necessarily meant to be accomplished- they are meant to help you grow as a person. So, if you shoot for something huge but miss, think about how much progress you have made along the way- probably a lot more than if you were chasing some menial goal.

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