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In NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming, there is something called the “NLP Communication Model”. Basically, this model was designed by two men named Richard Bandler and John Grinder. They proposed that when someone behaves a certain way (external behavior), a snow ball effect occurs which helps determine that persons internal behavior, which in turn causes that individual to reinforce their external behavior and act out on it again. Don’t worry if this sounds a bit confusing- business NLP is something which takes time to learn.

To translate, if you are someone who is scared of heights, then your self-talk is going to sound a lot like, “I am afraid of heights” or “Being this high up scares he”. Once this inner dialogue takes root inside of your mind, it reinforces your external behavior (being afraid of heights). Then the process starts over and literally compounds on top of itself. This is why it is so easy to become so defeated by a fear that you never really find a way around it. On the flipside, if you harness this model, then you can use it to achieve great things.

The Process of Communication

Bandler and Grinder also discovered that people who are very good at communicating usually have several things in common. They are:

  • They have an end result in mind
  • They notice feedback
  • They are flexible enough to change their approach until they get what they want

So, let’s look at an example. Let’s pretend you are trying to solve a puzzle. Obviously, you have an end result in mind (to complete it). Your ability to solve that puzzle depends on how well you notice what isn’t working and changing your approach to ensure that it does work the way you want.

Basically, you wouldn’t keep trying to jam a square piece of the puzzle into a cranny which is round, would you? Off course you wouldn’t do this. It would be a waste of time and you would be mentally flexible enough to understand that you need to find a different spot for it. The same concept holds true in life.

If you notice that something isn’t working, don’t automatically label it as a failure. Instead, see it as feedback and make the proper adjustments needed so that next time it does work.


When dealing with business NLP, deletion occurs when an individual notices certain information coming into their mind but are completely oblivious to others. In NLP, deletion is utilized by the mind to automatically rule out any data which doesn’t cohere with that person’s reality.


In NLP, distortion is when you misinterpret the information which is entering your mind either on purpose or sub-consciously. Examples of distortion may be someone who is in a bad relationship but they convince themselves that it isn’t bad. They “distort” negative events by making themselves believe that it wasn’t that bad. They do anything to justify an unhappy relationship just because they don’t want to be alone.


This is when you use experiences from on occurrence to become congruent with the experiences of an entirely different occurrence.  Generalizations can be very helpful in helping you achieve your goals. Basically, if you didn’t generalize then you would have to learn rudimentary tasks all over again- like learning the alphabet or count to 10. Generalization allows you to compound your knowledge on that which you already know.

Your beliefs about the world are also generalized- and you will delete and distort any and all situations to ensure that those beliefs (your reality) remain intact. As you can see, generalization can be very powerful and is an important concept in the NLP community.


Your reality of the world is very subjective. By changing your beliefs and the way you communicate with the world, you’ll be able to push barriers you never thought were possible and achieve great things in life.

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