Learning NLP

You may or may not know the ins and outs Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP). Either way, this article is going to be your guide to learning NLP and immersing yourself in something which can have a positive impact on your psychology.

What is NLP?

Biologically, our ability to learn any skill (biking, cooking, etc.) has everything to do with our nervous system. Basically, NLP teaches people how to think, learn, and adapt to situations more effectively by learning how to re-frame the way you look at things. It also teaches you how to communicate with others more efficiently. Here is what the letters (NLP) stand for:

  • Neuro: Represents our body’s neurological system. You see, NLP is built around the foundation that our senses (the way we interpret the world) directly affects our neurological system which in turn, effects our emotions, behavioral patterns, and psychology.
  • Linguistic: This refers to our ability to use language as a means of interpreting our world. Our experiences are a direct result of our communication with ourselves, others, and the world around us.
  • Programming: This represents how we learn things, make decisions, and solve problems. Our thinking patterns determine the quality of our life. NLP helps us change our inner dialogue (and the way we see things) so that we too can live the life we want.

The Four Pillars of NLP

The first thing you must understand about learning NLP is based around four concepts (a.k.a. “pillars of NLP”). These four areas are the foundation behind Neuro-Linguistic Programming and can further help us understand what NLP is. With that being said, here they are:

  • Outcome Thinking: This principle can help you make better decisions and approach problems for a more positive stand point.
  • Sensory Awareness: Have you ever stopped and noticed the color of the sky, trees, or grass? If you have, then you are using sensory awareness. When it comes to NLP, sensory awareness helps you use your touch, smell, taste, and feelings to develop a better perception of reality.
  • Rapport: Basically, this is how we build relationships with ourselves and others. Building healthy rapport is an excellent way to increase the quality of your relationships.
  • Behavioral Flexibility: Do you know the definition of insanity? It means doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Behavioral flexibility is what allows us to utilize freewill and try different things in order to get different results.

Don’t worry if NLP sounds a bit confusing. With some education and self-learning, you can come to understand how it works and how to apply it into your own life.


The basis behind NLP is that you can take something which works and “model” it so you can achieve the same result. For example, you can model someone who you look up to; a politician, actor, or athlete for example. This theory can also be applied to the world around us. For example, we can choose to change the way we look at things in order to develop a more positive outlook towards them.

Perception and Re-Framing

Let’s pretend that you experience a very bad break-up with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Your “perception” of that incident will determine how you carry on with your life. You can see it as a bad thing and think thoughts like, “I’m never going to find love again” or “I am so angry for what she/he did to me”. If you focus on those thoughts, then they will manifest into the physical world.

On the other hand, if you think thoughts like, “Despite how lousy I may feel now, I know this was for the best. Someone better is going to come along”. Do you see the difference in outlooks among the two thought patterns? The first focused on all the bad things about the break-up while the second focused on all of the good things. Either way, both thought patterns determine how that person responds to live from that point forward.

Helping You Determine Your Destiny

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