Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is basically learning how to leverage our psychology in order achieve a certain result. It has helped millions of people all around the world lead the life of their dreams. By learning how to apply Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), you’ll be able to monitor your inner dialogue, get rid of negative thinking, and look at bad situations for a more positive perspective.

How to Effectively Use NLP

The application of NLP is one which isn’t clearly understood by those who follow the subject. In order to truly benefit from it, you need to discover the practical applications for NLP and learn how to harness them.

Attitude can empower or cripple you. The essence of NLP is about maintaining a positive outlook on even the most negative situations. Only then can you move forward and make progress as a person. Anything is possible if you adapt the right mindset and have complete faith in your success.

One the flipside, if your attitude doesn’t support your wants and desires, then you’ll be stuck in the same mental rut forever. NLP teaches you how to strengthen your mind and control your attitude.

Accepting Change

Nowadays, NLP has gone from a simple theory to a way of transforming a person’s life for the better. Your ability to learn this material is entirely dependent on you. If you don’t work the principles of NLP, then the principles won’t work. Accepting change and taking on different mindsets is a crucial step to mastering Neuro-Linguistic NLP.

How People Respond to Their World

The way you act is a direct correlation with how you respond to the world around you. The map you hold inside of your head is based on who you believe you are, and ultimately determines your outlook on life. The thing you must realize is that no two people on this planet operate using the same perception of this world. NLP encourages students to be tolerant of the way other people view the world because in the end, everyone’s reality is subjective.

The same mindset can also be adapted to failures in life. You see, most people see not achieving their goals as a “failure”. This label on the situation is totally dependent on their perception. Someone else may see a failure as feedback. If you look at it from that point of view (from their map), it’s true. A failure is only a failure when you give up and let it stop you from getting what you want. This is a very powerful outlook to have on life.

How We Communicate

NLP is about using effective communication to learn new things, get a better understanding on the things you do know, and teach others about those things. If you aren’t able to effectively communicate with yourself or the people around you, then it can be very difficult to make sense of other people’s world. For example, have you smiled at somebody while thinking, “Boy, I can’t stand you right now”. Well, if that person had any experience with NLP, they would come to the conclusion that you were not being genuine. They would be able to detect your lack of warmth and jump on the fact that something was bothering you that you aren’t verbalizing.

Studies have shown that human beings interact and pick up on social cues via three ways:

  • Verbal: This makes up for 7% of communication
  • Tonality: Makes up for 38%
  • Physiology: Makes up 55%

As you can see, what you say isn’t nearly as important as how you say it.


NLP is an excellent way to develop a more positive perception of the world and communicate with others more effectively. Once you being applying these principle and adapting these mindsets, you’ll notice an immediate difference in your physiology and be able to better attract your ideal lifestyle.

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