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NLP is the study of the human psyche in order to leverage our thoughts and live the life we ultimately desire. The concepts of Neuro-Linguistic Programming are nothing however; people have more recently begun applying its principles to tackle major areas of lives. Individuals who study NLP often have problems with phobias, building rapport with others, and eliminating negative self-talk. This area of understanding helps them lessen and even get rid of those problems all together. You can even listen to an NLP MP3 to learn more about it.

Reticular Activating System

Did you know there are several billion pieces of information entering your mind every single second? Yes, you read that last question correctly. The brain is a powerful instrument designed to achieve remarkable things and reach incredible milestones. A brain’s Reticular Activating System (RAS) is responsible for most of the success (or lack thereof) in your life- it’s also a major foundation in the world of NLP.

Basically, your RAS works a lot like a GPS on a car. When you tell your GPS where to go, it eliminates all other routes and focuses on reaching one destination. Notice I said focus. When you focus on something, you eliminate any background or fluff that doesn’t help your immediate cause. Like a GPS, your Reticular Activating System is designed to hone out any data which hinders your success and allow in any data which helps it. The only problem though, is that most people focus on the wrong things- which are why their circumstances aren’t ideal.

Their RAS is giving them exactly what they asked for. Unfortunately, they aren’t asking for much. NLP teaches people how to use their RAS to really hone in on their wants, desires, and needs so that they can easily go about manifesting those things. Keep reading to learn how you can do this in your own life. Don’t forget to check out the NLP MP3 to educate you on this subject even more.

How it Works

Basically, your RAS only lets information through into your conscience mind if it meets any of the following criteria:

  • Survival: If you are sleeping and all of a sudden you hear a loud noise, you are going to wake up because your RAS is helping you survival. Or maybe you are daydreaming while driving and suddenly snap out of it just before getting into an accident.
  • Novelty: Can you remember the last time you got a new car? Initially, you experienced tons of pleasure whenever you walked outside appreciated your vehicle. However, as weeks progressed, your mind started finding things which were wrong with the car- things you didn’t notice before. This is because the novelty of the item had worn off.
  • Emotional Attachment: If you have a baby, then you may or may not experience times when you know that something bad is happening to your child. You can’t explain it but you feel that something isn’t right. Again, this is your RAS working with you in order to protect something that you love.

RAS is great because you can use it to align yourself with your goals. For example, let’s pretend that you would like to earn $10,000 within the next 30-days. If that becomes your focus, your RAS will immediately hone in on that goal and tune out everything which doesn’t immediately cohere with it. This is why having a narrow focus on the things you want is so crucial to your success in anything.


Your Reticular Activating System is designed to work for you and not against you. If you give it a task, then it is going to work around the clock to ensure that you don’t miss an opportunity to make that desire a reality. You have to have trust in your instincts and never second guess when you feel that the moment is right to take action towards your goal. Thanks for reading my NLP MP3 article. Now go take action right here right now…

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