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I showed this video to a friend and asked her how old do you think the lady in the video is and they said 35… It is quite amazing how young the beauty queen grandma

Annette Larkins The 70 Year Old Beauty

Annette Larkins looks.. Annette actually being 70 years young… And it really is a testimony to how natural healthy eating can help you look younger and feel younger..

I had to laugh when they interviewed Annette’s husband Amesse Larkins and how when he and Annette go out and about how people think his wife is his granddaughter… Eating healthy definitely helps you stay younger…

I am not a strict vegetarian but I don’t eat a lot of meat these days.. Haven’t for some time due to the health benefits of not eating a lot of meat..  And I can see myself over time becoming a fully blown vegetarian and following similar lifestyle food and drink choices of Annette Larkins…

Who knows I or you may even also look 35 when we reach 70 when we embrace the right eating habits that accompany the right attitude habits.. For I noticed that Annette also had a great attitude and no doubt she has brought much happiness and success to herself through the law of attraction because she thinks and feels positive happy thoughts…

I mean you could tell she is a good person especially when the husband was singing her praises not just because of her beauty but because she is an accomplished information products author.. makes her own clothes, grows her own food, builds her own computers, speaks 3 languages etc, etc.. She has a winning attitude and so must we if we are to feel and look great at age 70

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