Is Our Educational System Hurting You & Our Kids?.. Yes or No?…





Chris T Atkinson

What do you think about the following statement made by someone famous that may surprise you:- 

“The school system was not designed to teach children to think for themselves. Nor was it developed to just support the present-day notion that we can all be free. Compliant and obedient students become employees who are content to work for the rich or become soldiers who sacrifice their lives to protect the wealth of the rich”

I’ll share with you the persons name who I quoted above though the below link…

To discover some stuff that could be really hurting you and your kids and even if you don’t have kids.. Visit my facebook page at the following link and click on the picture of the children there to read my short note that might just shock you?…

Here’s the link:

Helping You Determine Your Destiny

Chris T Atkinson 🙂

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