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Hey Chris T Atkinson here… Your Free Report plus an extra Oprah Bonus Video are below… So make sure you read this page from top to bottom to collect all your Bonuses…But for now let me just briefly say this re Oprah’s Strangest Law of Attraction Success Secret?…

You’ll note in the video Oprah did something very strange which enabled her to successfully harness the law of attraction to draw to her the acting role in the movie “The Color Purple”. Now, why do I say it’s strange? Because very few people have learned it or understand it or can even do it because our ego gets in the way.

That’s why it’s strange, and why for some equally strange reason it virtually remains a secret to manifesting what you want. In Oprah’s case she manifested a role in the Movie “The Color Purple”.. And no doubt you will find if you study her life that in fact she has used this same strange method to create the life of her dreams… Even as you can too! It’s what I call…

…The Law of Letting Go

It’s what I call The Law of Letting Go… And Oprah did it when she was singing in the above video the heartfelt words to God “I surrender all”… And after she let go (of having to be in the movie “The Color Purple”) and she Let God(found her joy in the presence of Love)… What then happened? Well she immediately got a phone call which led to her role in the movie “The Color Purple”…

For when you are abiding in the God force, you are able to rest and trust that LOVE will take care of you if you let go. But if you can’t let go, you are then abiding in fear(the opposite of love) which blocks the law of attraction working in your life..

This is why the great Master teacher of the law of attraction said, “Not my will be done but yours Father”.. For Jesus was at that point letting Go and letting God.. And at that point his heart was filled with the peace that comes when we let go when directed to by the God Force…

So if this is all you learn from me and nothing else then it
will be time well spent for it will change your life!

Simply practice the law of letting Go and letting God(The Universe, A Higher Power, Love etc)… Yes, when you’ve finished your visualizations of the thing you want(eg Oprah wanted a role in the movie the color purple).. Then just let go of the whole thing and turn it over to God. Giving your attention to your daily activities and doing the things that bring you joy.

If you have a spirit of serenity, as I discussed elsewhere in The Hidden Power of Universal Laws, this will not be difficult. Ask God to help you and you will be astonished at how quick you will begin to manifest what you want, just like Oprah Winfrey!.. For then you will be in alignment and ONE with the most powerful Force in the Universe!..

In This Extra Unadvertised Bonus 10 Minute Video Below Oprah Winfrey Goes Into More Depth Re What
She Shared In The Above Video About Letting Go And Letting God:-

Ok Hope You Enjoyed Oprah Sharing Her Law of Attraction Secrets Above..
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Ok that’s enough on Oprah for now… I will share many other things along these lines in future Email/Newsletters/Blog posts/Videos etc.. So make sure you stick around for the FUN! Ok re your goodies…

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One last point re Oprah… I hope you enjoyed the above video of Oprah as I really love Oprah.. But always remember this… Oprah (or anyone like her) is just an ordinary person who has simply learned how to harness the law of attraction to create extraordinary results… And that’s what you are about to learn how to do too! Starting with your Special Report below…


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