Does the Secret Work?

The majority of people who look to self-help material to make their live better have one, burning question: Does the Secret work? Before we answer that, let’s discuss something that will change the way you look at the question. Do you think that everything that happens to you is an accident? Do you think it’s all a “roll of the dice”? If so, then why is it that 1% of the population is earning about 98% of all of the money being made? Do you think that it’s an accident? Less than 1% of millionaires inherited their riches from family or friends.

Most of these individuals aren’t smarter than you. Most haven’t had more training or worked as hard as you. So why is it that they are experiencing all of the success and you aren’t? They understand one thing- The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is the underlying concept behind The Secret and is what you are supposed to live your life around. So again, does the Secret work? Let’s find out.

A Simple Exercise

Here is a simple exercise which you can try that can show you (to some degree) how The Secret works. Basically, it works like this: don’t think about the color blue. Do everything in your power to resist thinking about the color blue. Do think about what it looks like- just don’t think about it. What happened here? The more you tried to resist thinking about the color blue, the stronger and bolder it became within your mind. The same concept holds true for everything in your life.

The more you resist a certain situation, the more likely you are to bring that situation into existence. In the previous example, the more you tried to “not” think about the color blue, the more you did think about it. The quote in the book says, “What you resist persists”. If you have something which is bothering you, and you constantly feed energy to it, it is going to manifest in one way or another.

Focus on What You Want

Place more energy on the things you do want and less energy on the things you don’t want. As a matter of fact, don’t give those negative things any attention at all. The Law of Attraction doesn’t recognize good or bad and it isn’t biased towards your want and needs. It simply responds to your thinking. You have to make it a habit to focus on good things all throughout the day. This isn’t to say that a negative thought won’t enter your mind- we are human beings and we are very prone to negative thinking.

However, you only lose when you allow that negative thought to affect your actions and behaviors. Don’t resist the negative thought. Disregard it completely. Visualize the things that you want and hold on to them in your mind. At first you may find this difficult. However, you’ll discover that it becomes much, much easier to focus on good things if you make a habit out of doing it every day.


So, does the Secret work? While there isn’t any conclusive evidence able to prove the truth behind the Secret, there is enough theory to allow it to hold merit. The choice is yours whether you choose to believe it or not.

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