Esther and Jerry Hicks, Abraham, and the Secret of the Law of Attraction

In this article, we are going to cover many things. More specifically, we are going to learn about Esther and Jerry Hicks, Abraham, and the Law of Attraction. The first three individuals are world renowned for their expertise with the Law of Attraction and we believe that learning about their lives and how they started can serve and inspire you. First, let’s cover the lives of Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Esther and Jerry Hicks

Most people would agree that Jerry and Esther Hicks live an extraordinary life together. This is because they consistently utilize the power of positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. They both experience tons of joy and live lifestyles which most people only dream of. However, don’t think that it was always like this.

Jerry spent most of his childhood years sick and in the hospital. He even once overheard the doctor tell his mother that we probably wouldn’t make it through the winter. Odd because today he lives a happy life and is 100% disease free. He boasts health better than men who are half his age; an incredible feat for somebody who wasn’t supposed to live past his teenage years.

He also spent most of his life living in poverty. He recalls his mother cutting large in their fences so that the neighboring cows could proceed through. This was her only way of gathering milk for Jerry and his brother. Now he spends his days cultivating multi-million dollar companies which help hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Esther was also a person who never grew up with nice things. As a matter of fact, she also lived in poverty and struggled with money through most of her life. After she teamed up with Jerry, magic started to happen. The two began to pray together every day and she too eventually grew into a major authority figure in the “self-help” genre.


“Abraham” isn’t really a person. Esther and Jerry describe it more like a group consciousness. It isn’t something we can see, touch, or hear. They claim that whenever we experience joy, happiness, love, and even sexual orgasm that we are feeling an energy flow which is coming from the divine source (also known as “Abraham”).  Remember, this isn’t anything you can see so it can be difficult to believe in it. However, this is where faith comes in and if you start believing then you will start seeing your life change for the better.

The Law of Attraction

Now, let’s talk briefly about the Law of Attraction. Basically, the concept is simple: “Like attracts like”. When you think a sustained thought for an elongated period of time, you will manifest that thought into the physical world; it doesn’t matter what it is. Your mind doesn’t and can never tell the difference between a thought and real life experience. This is why when you visualize (think about what you want in vivid detail) your mind assumes that you already have it or that it’s inevitable and going to happen real soon. Also know that the Law of Attraction is that it isn’t biased. It doesn’t care whether you are male or female or black or white; it you follow the principles then you’ll get what you want every time.

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