Living the Law of Attraction

It’s not enough that you read the Secret. It’s not enough that you watched the movie. Heck, it’s not enough that you bought the audio and you listen to it whenever you drive around. While those things certainly help, doing these things alone isn’t going to cut it. If it were that easy then everybody would have the things that they want. But they don’t. That means that they are doing something wrong and that something is that they aren’t truly living the Law of Attraction.

You see, when you first watched the movie or read the book, you probably spent the next few days on“positivity high”. You may have even attracted a few things that you’ve been waiting for. But after those few days you probably regressed back to your original state. The high was gone and suddenly all of your problems seemed to take center stage again. This is because you were never truly living the Law of Attraction in the first place.


Your habits shape your future. Ask any success guru or anybody familiar with the Law of Attraction and they will tell you that the decisions you make will ultimately determine the quality of your life. How does this play a part in the Law of Attraction? Well, it does in many ways. It’s important that you understand how you can start making better decisions and develop habits which make the Law of Attraction work better in your life.

For example, the Law of Attraction is heavily based on your thoughts. When you think positively, then you will achieve positive things in life. Likewise, when you think negatively, you will achieve negative things in life. You have to make a “habit” out of staying in a positive mind frame throughout the course of an entire day. It does you no good if you are very happy in the morning yet extremely angry in the evening. You pretty much disperse all of the positive things which were building up that day.


Another way of living the Law of Attraction is by sharing it with others. This is actually something you should be doing even if there was nothing to gain from it. Since the Law of Attraction is so powerful, people need to become aware of it. They have no idea how much power they actually have. Since you’ve become enlightened and learned about the Law of Attraction, it’s your responsibility to make sure that other people are learning it too.

You see, when you share the Secret with people, you are sending a powerful message to the universe which says, “I am grateful”. You are resonating on a positive frequency and now attracting the things you want is going to feel like a breeze. The universe loves it when you give and sharing the Law of Attraction with others is one way to do this. The universe loves it when you give and sharing the Law of Attraction with others is one way to do this.


Make a decision now that you are going to live the Law of Attraction every day. Try to incorporate it into every aspect of your life. You’ll come to realize that when you start doing this, having, being, and doing the things you want is going to come very easy.

Helping You Determine Your Destiny

Chris T Atkinson 🙂
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