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Come Away Inspirational Article

Founder Chris T Atkinson

Sometimes we can allow life to get so busy that we become out of tune with our own hearts. Ever heard a guitar or piano played when its out of tune?.. It sounds terrible doesn’t it!…Well this is what our lives can look and sound like when we are not in tune with our heart and best self that expresses itself from our heart…

It’s then that if we have ears to hear we shall hear the still small voice of love(God) speaking the inaudible words:-

“Come Away From The Noise & Allow Love To Serenade You”

We can then either ignore this still small voice within and suffer because of it… Or we can choose to draw aside to a quite place and allow life and love to refresh us so that we find ourselves once again in tune with The Universe and our true self…

This is why the great masters of the law of attraction regularly took time to escape the rat race to find the rhythm of life such as Jesus as recorded :-

“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.”  (The Masters Book – Mark 1:35)

And again:-

“When Jesus heard what had happened, he withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place”- (The Masters Book – Matthew 4:13)

And again:-

“After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone” – (The Masters Book – Matthew 14:23)

Tired, Frustrated and Unhappy?…

So are you feeling tired, frustrated and unhappy… This is a sure sign you are out of sync with your heart and best self… For if you are to create the life of your dreams using the law of attraction you must be in sync with your heart so that you will feel joy and gratitude…

I  learned this the hard way years ago when I got totally burned out doing Christian youth work back in the days when I called myself a Christian… I don’t like labels now

Kenilworth Solitude

such as “Christian” or “Aethist” or “Buddhist” etc and if anyone asks me my religion I might just say I am a Child of God.. If they press me further I may say, I am a free believer outside the box of organized religion, but I digress. My point is I got totally burned out to the point I couldn’t even stand to be around people because I felt so exhausted…

And it was then a little inaudible voice inside me(a feeling and direction) spoke to me that I needed to get away from it all for awhile… and so I did… For it was then that I got away from all the noise I had created for myself by hopping in my car and driving out to a beautiful little country like town called Kenilworth near Maleny in the Mary Valley on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.. Where I stayed at a friends house where I was able to get time to myself..

God began to speak to meAnd there my life was changed forever.. For there I believe God began to speak to me(no I am not crazy :)).. For I heard my Higher Self (what some refer to as the spirit of God) asking me penetrating questions… Not in an audible voice but in a way that if you didn’t know any better you might just think it was you having an internal dialogue with yourself… The conversation went something like this..

My Conversation With God…

God: Chris it’s great that you want to help young people(referring to my youth work) but I haven’t asked you to do the youth work that you are doing… For you are doing many things in order to try and please me out of fear, guilt and performance.. I want you to know that you don’t need to perform for me or do work for me, for me to love you… In fact if you never did a single thing for me I would still love you… I want you to know first hand the love I have for you which is unconditional…

Chris what do you enjoy?

Note: (For about 5 minutes I was stumped and couldn’t really answer the question, “Chris what do you enjoy?” .. For in my martyr efforts to save the world I’d forgotten what I even enjoyed… Because everyone knows that its all about other people not about us right? Wrong!… Then I said something like)…

Me speaking: Well I used to enjoy watching movies (For I had stopped watching movies after becoming a Christian at age 19 and had come to believe that Hollywood movies were evil… I was sincere but misinformed and thankfully not all Christians believe what I once did)…

God: Well I want you to start watching movies again and doing the things that bring you joy. For when you are happy I am happy. Furthermore I want you to stop doing all christian youth work and christian good deeds done out of a sense of duty, fear, guilt and performance.

For when my love moves through people it is always motivated from great love that flows easily like a river… You are exhausted because you have been trying to draw love from an empty bucket…I am the River of Life not an empty bucket… I desire to show you how to flow in this river of life that never runs dry…

I want you just to stop doing and learn to just BE.. Be my son, be my child… Allow me to love you just as you are… And as you freely receive of my love in time you will freely give it easily and effortlessly to others like a river flowing through you”…

And so began my journey into discovering myself, joy and God…

And so began my journey into discovering myself, joy and God… And it was then that I stopped doing youth work and christian good deeds done out of a sense of duty and I learned to say no and have healthy boundaries with others…

And I began to have a day out for myself each week where I came away from the noise and allowed God’s love to serenade me as I watched a movie a week and enjoyed a meal and all the sights and sounds and colors of life.. And you know what happened?… I found joy and I came to know that there is a love that loves me unconditionally…And I still take time regularly today for myself to catch a movie and meal and to enjoy the sights and sounds and smells of life… And if I don’t do this regularly I suffer for it like an out of tune guitar…

And I no longer do good deeds etc for people out of guilt, performance or fear(fear of what people or God will think if I don’t)… But I now only do things to help people when I sense a flow within me and feel the emotion and easy feeling of love within my heart (not my head as I had done previously)…

Lets face it, if you need to think about being kind to someone then it probably isn’t coming naturally and effortlessly from your heart(from the God flow)… But rather it is probably coming from your head which is the empty bucket I once tried to draw living water from which led to my burn out…

For here I found God and my own heart…

Mufasa & Simba A Picture of Gods Love For Us

For when I followed God’s advise to stop doing religious things for all the wrong reasons motivated by fear and guilt. But rather started BEing a Son and child of

God love unconditionally doing the things that brought me joy…I found God and my own heart… For God spoke to me powerfully through the inspirational movies I began to watch… And to this day it is still one of the major ways I am able to tune myself into my heart…

Yet even after coming into this TRUTH… there have been times on this journey when I lost myself & left the narrow path of life… Like when I got married (and like Simba from the Lion King movie) I forgot who I was as I allowed others to define who I was… But then God came to me like Simba’s Father Mufasa in The Lion King and spoke tenderly the words “Son Remember Who You Are“..

And then when I woke up from my slumber like the prodigal son in the pig pen in a far off land… And then like Simba who had wondered in the wilderness for years far away from his true calling I came to my senses and remembered who I was.. And it was then that I came back into joy and love and began to take my place in “The Circle of Life”.. And as a result my marriage ended…

And the above truths are captured well in the below inspirational movie The Lion King in the very moving scene where Mufasa who is Simba’s Father speaks to Simba from heaven calling him to remember who he is…which is a picture of God’s love for us that seeks to save those who are lost wondering in the wilderness… To restore us to ourselves and to bring the Kingdom of heaven to earth… Which is what happens when Simba rightfully takes his place in “The Circle of Life” and dethrones his uncle Scar(who is a picture of the enemy of light).. Simba then stepping up to the plate and taking his place as heir to His Fathers throne (which is what we are all called to do as children of  God for God has no favorites but loves us all)

The Lion King A Picture Of God’s Love For Us…

Mufasa:- “You have forgotten who You are and so you have forgotten me. Look inside yourself Simba you are more than what you have become. You must take your place in The Circle of life”

Simba:- “How can I go back I’m not who I used to be”

Mufasa:-Remember who you are“…

So why do I share all this?

Because I want you to know that there is a place of freedom for you… and that place is often accessed when you draw away from the crowd to a place of solitude… Because you and your heart should not be so far apart as captured in the song You And Your Heart by Jack Johnson below…

“You And Your Heart” Lyrics

Watch you when you say
What you are and when you blame
Everyone, You broken king
Watch you change the frame or
Watch you when you take your aim
At the sum of everything

Cause you and your heart
shouldn’t feel so far apart
You can choose what you take
Why you gotta break and make it feel so hard

You lay there in the street
Like broken glass reflecting pieces of the sun
But you’re not the flame
You got the people passing by
Because you know what you don’t like
It’s just so easy, it’s just so easy

But you and your heart
Shouldn’t feel so far apart
You can choose what you take
Why you gotta break and make it feel so hard
Oh and you and your heart
Shouldn’t feel so far apart
You can choose what you take
Why you gotta break and make it feel so hard

You draw so many lines in the sand
Lost the fingernails on your hands
How you’re gonna scratch any backs?
Better hope the tide will take our lines away
Take all our lines and

Hope the tide will take our lines and
Hope the tide will take our lines away
Take all our lines away


Come Away To Find Your Heart…

Come Away From The Noise

So if you are feeling out of tune with your true self then it just maybe time to…

Come away from the noise & Allow Love To Serenade You

Will you come away from the noise?… If you do so on a regular basis you will be in sync with your best self… Then you will be better able to use the law of attraction to enjoy life and your loved ones so you Win in Life! 🙂 …

And regarding winning and enjoying life and your loved ones…

Here is A Rocky 7 Funny Little Kids Fighting Video that my kids and I made which is in stark contrast to how I was
when I arrived in Kenilworth burned out and exhausted…

We just put it together on the weekend.. It’s called Rocky 7 and its hilarious… And contains a message of joy in essence for you… May you become like a little kid again as you watch it… Enjoy 🙂 ….

Helping You Determine Your Destiny

Chris T Atkinson 🙂

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