Quotes from the Secret Book by Rhonda Byrnes

If you have ever read the Secret, then you may have a vague understanding of how it works. If you’ve taken the initiative to study it, then you are probably a little savvier when it comes to attracting things. Either way, we are going to cover some of the quotes from the Secret book by Rhonda Byrnes. I believe that doing this has many benefits. For one, it further internalizes what you’ve already learned and can also deepen your understanding about the Law of Attraction.

Second, quotes serve as great reminders. If you are having a bad day or need some motivation, a quick read-over of a great quote can put you in a great mood. Remember, this is a “feeling” universe and it only responds to your emotions. When you feel good, you attract good things. But we are getting off topic. Let’s cover some of the quotes from the Secret.

The Secret Quotes

  • “You attract your dominant thoughts”: This one is fairly simple to understand. What they are saying is that your life is a direct representation of your way of thinking. Whenever you think about something long enough, and with enough emotion, something is going to manifest from those thoughts.
  • Thoughts become things”: Again, this sort of stems from the quote above. Your thoughts literally manifest into the physical world. Take a look at this computer. Somebody had to have thought about it (how it looks, etc) for it to actually be built. It didn’t just appear out of thin air. If someone had said, “I just want to build a computer”, and didn’t give much attention to how it looked, then who knows how computers would look like. This is why it’s very important to be specific in your intentions.
  • “You get exactly what you are FEELING”: This is a “feeling” universe. Basically, this means that the universe responds to your emotions more so than your thoughts. You can literally think happy thoughts all day, but if you don’t feel good then nothing is going to manifest. To put more accurately, your feelings are a by-product of your thinking. If something doesn’t feel right, then change the way you are thinking. This is the best way I know to determine whether or not I’m on the right track to manifesting my desires.
  • “When the opportunity or impulse is thereACT”: The universe likes speed. It isn’t going to wait around for you to make up your mind about what you want. As soon as you set into motion your intentions, it’s going to work around the clock and arrange people, places, and circumstances to make sure that it happens. Wishful thinking will only take you so far- you have to take inspired action. You’ll know when that time comes, trust me. When it does, don’t second guess it or hesitate. Have faith that everything is going to work out and go with it.

As I previously mentioned, quotes are excellent sources to learn from. They provide great insight and have so much meaning behind them. My recommendation would be to write a few down and study them on a consistent basis. This my friend will help you internalize the information and further increase the leverage you have over the universe.

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