The Law of Attraction Video

If you’ve read about the Law of Attraction, then you probably have enough knowledge on the subject to educate others and manifest certain things in your life. However, while reading is very educational it can only get you so far. I think that it’s equally important to give your brain something to engage with visually. With that said, let’s talk a little about the Law of Attraction Video. Once you learn about the video, you’ll probably be very tempted to go out and buy or borrow it from somebody.

What to Expect

You can basically expect to find everything in the Law of Attraction video that you would find in the book. Since the book was written before the movie, this is where it is going to be based from. The information for both will be identical (very similar at the very least). It will cover areas like:

  • What is the Secret? This is the first question which as answered in the book and it’s also the first question which is answered in the movie. Since the Secret is the Law of Attraction, you should have no trouble being familiar with this area.
  • How the Secret works. This is also covered very extensively. As you may know, there are tons of different ways to go about attracting the things that you want. Let me take that back, there aren’t different “ways”- only different techniques. Essentially, the feelings of positivity are still going to be there.
  • The Secret to money. This is probably one of the main reasons why people get involved with the Law of Attraction in the first place. One thing you must realize is that attracting wealth is no different than attracting anything else in life. Once you understand the formula for getting money, it’s very simple to repeat over and over again. Do you ever wonder why 1% of the population earns about 98% of the money that is being made? This is the reason why.
  • The Secret to health. Studies have shown that your thoughts have a direct correlation with your body’s health. If you think negative thoughts then this is going to have a negative effect on your body. Sickness is simply a result of poor thinking. Think about it: Have you ever gotten ill when you were the happiest in life? Off course you didn’t. Sickness cannot exist inside of a body which is truly happy.
  • How to use the Secret. There is more than one way to use the Secret. One concept is to ask, believe, and receive method. Basically, it works like this: ask for what you want. Be very clear about what you want; the more detail, the better. After you’ve decided what you want, you have to believe that you can actually have it because you can. Remove any limiting beliefs that you may have and understand that it is your birthright to have it all and you aren’t being greedy for doing so. Finally, when you receive, you are taking inspired action of some kind. You don’t necessarily have to understand where or how you are going to get what you want- you just have to have enough faith to realize that it is coming.


The Law of Attraction video is a powerful one which you should get your hands on. Invest now and you’ll experience many great things later on down the road.

Helping You Determine Your Destiny

Chris T Atkinson 🙂
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