The Secret Check

The Secret was a huge success. And I don’t mean this in terms of profits either. It was a huge success for the reason that it changed millions of people’s lives for the better. No other “self-help” publication has ever reaches such a broad audience. Since so many people loved the Secret movie and book, the producers also created tons of “extras” for people to use and help manifest the things that they want. For example, you can sign up for the Secret Scrolls on their official websites to receive a daily, inspirational text message directly to your cell phone. But we aren’t here for that. This article is about something else- the Secret check.

The Secret check was designed for one purpose- to help people acquire the amount of wealth they are searching for in their lives. Basically, it works like this: you go to the Secret’s website and scroll down until you see the Secret check. Once you click on it, a large pink and white blank check will appear. It’s a blank check from the universe and it’s your job to fill in the amount of money you wish to have (as long as it’s believable to you, any number works). Obviously, you have to print it out first and then fill it out. This is a great visualization tool which has helped millions of people attract the amount of money they search for in their lives.

Why it Works

Why do you think that people who win the lottery often go broke with the first two years after receiving their money? Statistics show that this happens to roughly 90% of winners. Do you think that this is a coincidence? Do you think those people got unlucky, robbed, or forced to give their money away? The answer is no; on all three accounts. You see, those people were never really settled in the proper mindset in the first place.

They may have been operating on the right “frequency” for a couple of hours- even days. Since they didn’t have much money to lose in the first place, the fear of going broke wasn’t even there. However, things radically changed once they won the money. Now they were fearful of losing it. What happened? The Law of Attraction eventually adhered to their wishes of “losing money” and they went broke. This leads me to my next point.


The universe loves thought. Whenever thought flows into it, it can create and do things for people. As a matter of fact, since you never stop thinking, it is working on getting you what you want right now. After you fill out the Secret check and really focus on that amount of money that you want, you will notice that your frequency will change and all of a sudden you’ll have money making ideas flowing effortlessly into your head. This is the Secret working with you. You see, visualization is a very strong technique. When you visualize, you literally confuse your mind.

It can’t tell whether what you are thinking about is false or real. It simply responds to your thoughts. So if you are focusing on a check for $10,000.00, then it doesn’t know whether it’s something real, whether it’s happened, or whether it’s coming right now.

Helping You Determine Your Destiny

Chris T Atkinson 🙂
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