The Secret Trailer

The Secret was no doubt a very inspirational film (and book too). It taught people about the Law of Attraction and how they could use this law of manifest their dreams and desires. Many people benefited from this material. Millions of stories were sent in; some of financial healing, physical healing, and even healing in relationships. It’s easy to tell that the Secret did a lot of good for many people around the word. However, the movie also did a very good job of marketing its product too. In this article, we are going to discuss, in-depth, the Secret trailer and the tactics they used to ensure that you would be there when the movie came out.

The Secret Trailer

The Secret trailer starts off with a lot of suspense. You really have no idea what’s going on or what it’s going to be about when it first comes on. It really gives you an idea that there was a “Secret” and that it was coveted and hidden from people for thousands of years. Supposedly, only the powerful knew of the Secret. They kept it put away because if people knew about it, then they would no longer need to rely on their leaders to acquire the things they want. Now, this is true to some degree. While people may or may not have known about the Secret, it’s really a stretch to say that those holding higher positions in society “hid” it from people lower in society.

Why can I make this claim? Well for one, the Secret is nothing more than the Law of Attraction. It’s simply the idea that “Like attracts like”. So if you think about something on a regular basis and believe that you can have it, then it will be yours. This isn’t a very difficult concept to understand and you may even attract your dream life without ever even hearing about the Secret in the first place.

Who is it for?

The Secret is actually recommended for everybody. It doesn’t matter how successful your may or not be, there is always something in the movie you can benefit from. One thing you should never do is believe that you are above the principles. On that note, you should never believe that you are below the principles either. You are the principles. You are the creator. Once you start believing this, then you have no idea how much it will empower you. Another thing you should realize is that the Law of Attraction isn’t biased. What do I mean? Let me explain:

The Law of Gravity is working right now, correct? It doesn’t take a break. It doesn’t work during the day and stop working at night (or vice versa). It is working whether you or I are sleeping, eating, or working out. This is why it’s called a law because you are going to experience the same result with it every time. So, if you decide to throw yourself off of a building then you will hit the ground. It doesn’t matter if you are a good person. Heck, it doesn’t matter if you just gave away your entire life’s savings- you are going to fall. This example shows you that the Law of Attraction doesn’t care about the good or bad you’ve done in your life- it cares about right now and the thoughts you are putting out into the universe.

Helping You Determine Your Destiny

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