What Can You Learn From the Secret?

For those individual who have never seen the Secret, fully coming to grips with its power can be difficult. After all, most of those people have grown up in a society which doesn’t believe in anything it can see, hear, or touch. But the Law of Attraction is very real you are the one who decides whether it helps or hurts you. With that being said, what can you learn from the Secret? Keep reading or download the Secret Law of Attraction free eBook here to learn more.

Increased Focus

One of the main principles stressed in the Secret is focus. When you hone in on the things that you want, then you are more likely to manifest them into the physical world. Picture it like this: imagine that you were throwing a rock at a target in the distance. You see your goal. You know what you want and what you have to do to get it. You can learn more about it if you download the Secret Law of Attraction free eBook here.

Likewise, if somebody handed you a rock and said, “Throw it”, what would you do? You would stand there and wonder, “What should I throw it at?” You don’t have any intentions when it comes to where to throw your rock. If you compare this analogy to life, the rock is your life and the targets are your goals. If your targets are too far away, vague, or even missing, then your rock is essential useless.  Here are some ways to increase your focus:

  • Visualization: Try to imagine, in vivid detail, how you want your life to unfold. That’s what visualization basically is- imagination. You see, your mind has a difficult time determining what is real and what you’ve imagined. So, if you imagine yourself driving a brand new Ferrari, then your mind actually thinks that it’s happening.
  • Stay Present: Don’t dwell on the past and don’t live in the future. Try to stay present and live in the “now” as often as you can. When you do this, your mind tends to wander less and focus on your desires more. Note, the more you do this exercise the stronger and stronger your mind becomes.


Another huge principle presented in the Secret is gratitude. Basically, the concept goes like this: “When you give, you are open to receive”. How can you expect to receive anything if you aren’t willing to share or be thankful for what you already have? You can’t. And when I say “give”, I don’t mean money- people become very confused in this area.

Giving can include many things. You can give your attention to somebody who wants to listen. You can give time helping others instead of spending the day doing things you want to do. Understand that just because you don’t have a lot of money doesn’t mean that you can’t help and give to others. You can always give.


The Secret can benefit your life in many ways. It teaches you how to control your mind, emotions, and manifest all of the things you want most. The truth is that you can have it all. If you believe it, act as if it’s already true, and take inspired action, then your inner most wishes are going to come to you. You can learn tons more information on the subject if you download the Secret Law of Attraction free eBook here.

Helping You Determine Your Destiny

Chris T Atkinson 🙂
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