What is the Law of Attraction?

There are laws which govern out universe. The Law of Gravity tells us that we will hit the ground if we jump off of a building. This will happen every time despite who we are, how we are feeling, or how much good or bad we’ve done that day. This is why it’s called a “law”. The Law of Attraction is no different. It is working right now whether you are aware of it or not. It also doesn’t care whether you are black, while, male, female, good, or bad- it is going to give you exactly what you are thinking. It is no different than any other law in the universe.

So, what is the Law of Attraction? Basically, this law states that, “Like attracts like”. Like attracts like? What does that mean? When you think about a thought, and hold on to that thought for an elongated period of time, something is going to manifest from that thought into the physical world. You are attracting more of what you already have (in this case, whatever you’ve been thinking about).

A Funny Thing about Your Mind

Your mind is a very complex and mysterious instrument which has been proven to interact with the universe. But here is something interesting: your mind can’t tell the difference between a thought and something which has already happened (or is going to happen). To it, what you are thinking about is happening right now or has happened. Isn’t that cool? The good news is that it will manifest those thoughts regardless of whether or not they make sense or whether or not they will benefit you.

Here is an interesting study you might find useful in your process of learning the Secret. Researchers took Olympic runners and hooked them up to monitors. They then told the runners to close their eyes and visualize their event in their minds and include as much detail as they possibly could. What was the end result? The same muscles fired inside of the athletes as the ones which fired when they were running. This means that their minds actually believed that it was in a race. Now that you know more about what is the Law of Attraction, let’s learn how you can apply it in your own life.

How to Use the Law of Attraction

The first step to manifesting anything using this law is to be clear about what you want. How can you expect something if you don’t even know what that “something” is? You can’t. When it comes to outlining your goals and desires, be as specific as possible. Write down every little detail. From there, make a habit out of visualizing those desires and goals several times a day. This sets a powerful, universal force into action.

The next step in the process is to “act as if” you already have those things. Walk around like you are driving the Porsche and carry a smile like you actually are experiencing happy and blissful relationships in your life. Remember, your mind (and the universe) can’t tell if what you are feeling is true or not- it’s simply going to respond to those emotions and bring you everything that you want. Don’t be afraid of unleashing this powerful force within you- I promise that it will change your life forever.

Helping You Determine Your Destiny

Chris T Atkinson 🙂
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