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Founder: Chris T Atkinson

My kids and I made our first 2 minute youtube movie which you can watch further below..

But first I have to share with you how I stumbled upon this song today called “What A Wonderful World” sung by the legendary Louis Armstrong… And how after sitting back and listening to it, it was like a breath of fresh air blowing over my soul… It was then I knew I had to share this song and other inspirational songs like it here with you for your enjoyment.. To help you stay in a positive state so necessary in using the law of attraction to create the life you want(inch by inch it’s a cinch)…

[Note:- So I’ve now opened a category here called “Inspirational Songs” to help you in using the law of attraction to get results…So feel free to leave a comment below of any inspirational songs you would like to see added to this category. And when you leave a comment I am going to give you a Powerful 8 pg Report I am about to publish called “The Hidden Power of Universal Laws” as my way of saying thanks]..

Anyways…Upon listening to this song “What A Wonderful World” which I am listening to as I type… I was reminded that inspirational songs are one of the quickest ways to  shift ones state from negative to positive… Thus effectively Using The Law of Attraction to reach your goals. So that your day may become Wonderful if it wasn’t before… For as we know the positive emotion of gratitude is a doorway to using the law of attraction to create the life of your dreams… Other law of attraction teachers alive today also teaching this truth, teachers such as Steven Aitchison, Steve Pavlina and Remez Sasson to name a few…

This is why in The Masters Book it says,

“Give thanks(gratitude) in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you” – (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Louis Armstrong Saw All The Problems Yet He Focused On The Solutions

The introductory words spoken by Louis in the video below is just so powerful and insightful… As I said, one of the keys to harnessing the law of attraction is staying in a place of gratitude and thankfulness. In other words renewing ones mind to count ones blessings rather than counting ones curses.

For what we focus on expands and grows stronger… This is why if you focus on what you fear, the fear grows stronger, but when you focus on what gives you courage(the answers) it is like flicking on a light switch in a dark room… For then the darkness(fear) has to flee immediately for light(love) is stronger than fear(hate and darkness)…

The Major Positive Parenting Lesson I’ve Learned

I am far from a perfect parent, in fact I’ve made many mistakes as a parent(and continue to do so)… But thank God I have learned a few lessons along the way…And one of the major lessons I’ve learned is to focus and reward the positives in my two kids Levi aged 7(grade 2) and Harmonie aged 5(grade 1)…

For I’ve learned that a wise and loving parent will not be focused on the negatives actions of a child. But rather a wise parent will reward the positive actions of a child and by doing so they will then get more positive actions from that child.. These positive thoughts and actions of the child enabling them to use the law of attraction to bring them a great life.. So instead of being a parent that is constantly saying negative things like:-

“Little Jimmy don’t do this, or don’t do that”(poor kid lol)..

Rather a wise parent will say positive parenting things like:-

“Little Jimmy this is what I want you to do”..

And then the wise positive parenting parent will follow through and reward a child’s positive behavior thus establishing healthy thoughts, actions, character and ultimate destiny in such a child!… And further below under Louis Armstrong’s inspirational song I will share a personal story of how I applied this truth effectively with my 5 year old daughter which led to something really awesome as captured in the 2 minute “youtube” movie my kids and I made which I’ve included further below…

But for now… Louis Armstrong nails it so perfectly in the song below “What A Wonderful World”… For Louis Armstrong focuses on the ANSWERS not the problems, by counting his blessings not his curses… and the result is such a beautiful powerful song… I mean you can feel the love oozing out of Louis in his words that instantly puts you in the “Zone of Attraction” (positive state where you are aligned and vibrating on heavens frequency to use the law of attraction to magnetize  blessings your way!)…

For although Louis is not blind to all the problems in this world such as all wars and hunger and pollution etc, etc.. He is an optimist which every master using the law of attraction is..

As Louis Armstrong shares in the video and words below:-

“Seems to me it ain’t the world that is so bad but what we are doing to it and all I’m saying is see what a wonderful world it would be if only we would give it a chance. Love baby LOVE that’s The Secret. If lot’s more of us loved each other we’d solve lots more problems. And then this world would be better.. that’s why Pops(ie Louis) keeps saying” – Louis Armstrong…(Louis starts singing here)

Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World – Inspirational Songs

So what is the lesson I learned from my 5 year old daughter…

The Power of Positive Thinking Lesson I Learned From My 5 Year Old Daughter

Well it happened like this… On the weekend my kids were staying with me(they stay with me every fortnight weekend and they stay with their mum the rest of the time).. On this particular weekend my 5 year old daughter Harmonie was really getting into using my video camera… I mean she was really enjoying using it, so I let her go outside with it and she was making movies outside talking to the birds and trees.. shes a flower child 🙂 …

Anyways… time went by then I noticed Harmonie come upstairs… But she was quieter than normal and she didn’t have the video camera.. So I knew something had happened to the video camera and I asked her where the video camera was and she sought of dodged the question… then I said to her,

“Honey remember you never get in trouble from Dad for telling the truth”

Well staying true to my words she didn’t get into trouble from me

Anyways she then tells me that she accidentally tripped and the video camera broke… Well staying true to my words she didn’t get into trouble from me.. In fact I was planning on upgrading the video camera, so although I was a little disappointed it was now broken it wasn’t a big deal.. And so I just encouraged Harmonie to next time be a bit more careful when holding the video camera when walking and talking and filming the birds and the trees 🙂 …

So a couple weeks go by and I get a really strong feeling that I am meant to buy my daughter a video camera to encourage her in her movie making passion.. So I buy her the video camera… And since giving Harmonie the video camera it has been a joy(for her and me) to see her using it and enjoying it… I mean she really gets into it.. So much so that the kids and I made our first home movie below with Harmonie using her little pink video camera in the right picture… And the kids even composed the background music for the video…

So what is the lesson I learned?

I could have gotten really mad at Harmonie for breaking my video camera and this may have stifled and perhaps even killed the creative side of her finding expression through making video movies.. But rather I focused on the positive and actually bought her a video camera of her own(in fact the exact pink video camera in the picture to the right ==>>… And the result is? … The Kids & I made our first funny youtube movie that Harmonie filmed and that we posted last Saturday (4 days ago) and its below…

Furthermore the kids and I enjoyed making the movie so much we have decided to set up their own website where they and other kids can express their creative fun side(if you have kids feel free to contact me so we can post their movies, stories poems etc there when we launch it)..

And to think, we may have easily missed out on all these blessings if I would have reacted negatively when Harmonie broke my video camera… Harmonie then perhaps shunning video cameras from that point on…

How many times must we have we missed opportunities to use the law of attraction to create happy results for us… All because of our past negative thinking? But we can now change that by using the power of positive thinking!…

A Few Positive Parenting Skills / Tips(that apply to a Positive Life):-

  • Focus on the positives qualities of those around us(eg Harmonies passion for using the video camera)
  • Reward the positive qualities in those around you even if they mess up(Even though Harmonie accidentally broke the camera.. I chose to ignore that and instead rewarded her creativity with buying her her own video camera)…
  • Help those around you feel secure in your love by rewarding their positivity even when they mess up… for this will give them the confidence to try new things without fearing failure… things that will bless you too(eg Harmonie was very confident in filming the youtube movie and composing the background music for it which blessed both of us)…

So my question before you watch our debut movie below is…

  • If you are currently facing a negative challenging situation… What can you do today to start focusing on the positive in this situation that will turn lemons into lemonade?(eg turn a broken video camera into a fun youtube movie)

And remember to feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of our youtube movie (ie thumbs up or thumbs down 🙂 ) or anything else you may want to comment on… and I’ll make sure you get a copy of the powerful 8 pg Report I publish called “The Hidden Power of Universal Laws” as my way of saying thanks for leaving a comment… Ok grab your popcorn and get ready for a laugh .. And Thanks Louis Armstrong it is indeed a Wonderful World 🙂 …

Helping You Determine Your Destiny

Chris T Atkinson 🙂

PS Share The Love… Make a Difference… Click the red Tell a Friend!!button further below…

PSSAnd then feel free to leave a comment below…



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33 Responses to “My Kids, Inspirational Songs And Using The Law of Attraction”

  1. Bill Joren says:

    Thumbs up for the movie with your kids Chris… they are little champions no doubt due to your positive influence! The tomato sauce was classic.. made me laugh ha…

    And Wow what an article Chris… And I loved that song by Louise Armstrong!! Your article made me realize where I’ve been going wrong spending too much time focusing on my problems instead of my answers… Also l am going to go out and buy an ipod & start listening more to positive inspirational songs..

    Thanks my friend and keep the great work going! And yeah I’ll have a copy of your Universal Laws report thanks!

    Bill 🙂

    • Hey Bill

      Yes my kids are champions for sure and glad you got a laugh from the tomato sauce special effects lol

      And glad to hear you enjoyed Louis song.. I am listening to it now… And glad to hear my article made you realize where you’ve been going wrong spending too much time focusing on your problems instead of focusing on your answers…

      Well the first step to healing is becoming aware which you now are! well done Bill.. And that’s great you are going to go out and buy an ipod & start listening more to positive inspirational songs.. They will help you stay in “The Law of attraction Zone” as well as just plain old put a smile on your dial 🙂 …

      Helping You Determine Your Destiny
      Chris T Atkinson 🙂
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  2. Richard says:

    hey Chris

    Richard here I am new here.. Yes Definite thumbs up for kids movie and rest of article.. And yeah I’ll get a copy of your Universal Laws report too.. You have a real gift.. I and my friends are glad to be here to learn


  3. Sally says:

    Thumbs up on your cutest of cute movie with your children Chris… Your kids are so cute.. good to see a Dad who enjoys his kids… and thanks for the great boost of inspiration…

    PS yes I’ll have a copy of your free report on universal Laws…

    • Hey Sally

      Appreciate the thumbs up re the cute movie the kids and I made and yes I do enjoy my kids made all the more special because we at this stage only see each other every fortnight weekend(and the wednesday leading up to that weekend for 3 hrs after school) …

      And glad to hear you got inspired!

      Helping You Determine Your Destiny
      Chris T Atkinson 🙂
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  4. Maddy says:

    hello Chris

    Your article really impacted me when you said, when a person is loved then even when they mess up they feel secure in love to still try new things.. I now see why my little girl lacks confidence.. Time for me to change.. thanks fro the revelation! .. and I honor you in the way you express love to your kids.. you are a true inspiration

    thank you and yes I’ll have the free report too!


    • Hey Maddy, great to hear from you.. Thanks for your kind words..

      And yes don’t be too hard on yourself re your daughter we are all doing the best we can with what we’ve got.. the important thing is that you are growing “in love” and as a result your daughter will feel the positive effects of your growth…

      Sometimes its good to just say to your kids “I am sorry I’ve made some mistakes can you forgive me”.. kids really respect honesty and it teaches them to value humility… I am sure your daughter is going to go from strength to strength in her confidence levels… I have seen my daughter Harmonie grow just this way too..

      Helping You Determine Your Destiny
      Chris T Atkinson 🙂
      Chris T Atkinson recently posted..Mariah Carey – Hero – Inspirational SongsMy Profile

  5. Oiva Rein says:

    Great video, the stuntman was awesome and the camera work was great.

    • Hey Oiva great to hear from you and I am glad you enjoyed the movie.. And yeah Levi & Harmonie will get a kick out of you saying “the stuntman was awesome and the camera work was great” lol So do you have a movie you want to post here Oiva? lol perhaps some bike stunts too? haha.. thanks again 🙂 ..

      Helping You Determine Your Destiny
      Chris T Atkinson 🙂
      Chris T Atkinson recently posted..Mariah Carey – Hero – Inspirational SongsMy Profile

  6. Lauree says:

    I get a message that the account has been closed, so was not able to watch the video.
    I confess that I read the whole message through a veil of tears — thank you for Louis’ video! I love this song, and play it frequently. I had not seen him singing it previously. I was also very impressed with your handling of the situation with Harmonie. Really sorry I could not see you all.
    In Love, Light, Rainbows and Song, Lauree

    • Hey Lauree… Great to hear from you… Yeah my apologies about that.. Had some issues with the other account.. but I’ve uploaded now to a new account.. so its good to go to watch… And I appreciate your honesty re that you read the whole message through a veil of tears… Tears are good for the soul there must be some healing in those tears for you….

      And yeah re Louis’s video I had never really heard it properly deep down in my soul until yesterday and I just had it on repeat playing over and over.. I can see why you love the song and play it frequently… And glad to introduce you to this version of the song..

      And thanks re my handling of the situation with Harmonie… I don’t always get it right but this time I did ok lol.. and re the video as I said it’s now uploaded for you.. feel free to let me know what you think of it 🙂 …

      Helping You Determine Your Destiny
      Chris T Atkinson 🙂
      Chris T Atkinson recently posted..Mariah Carey – Hero – Inspirational SongsMy Profile

  7. Hey Guys thanks for commenting. Yeah the kids and I had a lot of fun making the videos. I’ll aim to get the Universal Law Reports to you in the next 48 hrs.. Can you all email me so I can send those reports to you…

    Helping You Determine Your Destiny
    Chris T Atkinson

  8. And remember guys if you all want that report then jusr reply to one of my email newsletters that way I’ll know where to send the report in the next 48 hrs.. Cheers

    Helping You Determine Your Destiny
    Chris T Atkinson 🙂
    PS feel free to continue to post comments below….

  9. Lauree says:

    What fun! I did enjoy watching this one. Looks like you have not only a future film maker and director in the family, you also have the stuntman who will perform in her films! Please give them both a hug from me.
    In Love, Light, Rainbows and Song, Lauree

    • Hey Lauree.. Glad you enjoyed watching it.. and yeah who knows look out Steven Spielberg and Evel Knieval… Yeah Harmonie also loves singing, dancing, acting, writing stories and both of them are into the creative element of editing to videos etc and Levi loves to watch other film makers on youtube who’ve made their own movies such as the skateboarding, bike stunt film makers..

      And Levi also has a very strong element of entrepreneurship going on.. But I am their Dad and as you can tell quite biased lol But yes you are right definitely a lot of creativity going between the the two their gifts complimenting each other..

      And yes I’ll aim to give them a hug from you when I see them next.. Thanks Lauree

      Chris 🙂
      Chris T Atkinson recently posted..Mariah Carey – Hero – Inspirational SongsMy Profile

  10. Andy says:

    awesome video Chris.. I agree with Lauree that you have a future film maker and director in the family & stuntman in Levi Kneival.. Definite thumbs up for your first debut youtube movie!

    Your teaching on positive parents really rocked me a bit…you see as a parent of a two children, a boy and a girl aged 13 & 14 I can see where I’ve gone wrong with my kids after reading your article..

    You see as a high achiever for most of my life(growing up) as well as in my corporate career now I have what most consider a very successful life… A beautiful wife, dream home, cars, holidays, best private schools etc, etc

    But for most of my life I can see I’ve been driven to succeed mainly by fear instead of being motivated to succeed by love and the desire to serve and help others and my family etc

    And as the kids have gotten older I can see that I have transferred that same driveness of achieving(based in fear) onto my children.. to the point that my daughter and I don’t really have a close relationship (although she is a very high achiever at school) because growing up I guess I was more concerned about her achieving.. Instead of taking the time to really become her friend and just have fun with her(like you are doing with your kids in the video)..

    And we are having a lot of problems with my 13 year old son who has rebelled against my wife and I and is doing terrible at school. Needless to say him and I don’t have much of a relationship..And as you could guess although from the outside it looks like my wife and I are close(my relationship with her too has suffered)..

    And truth be known I always chose my career over my family even though I said I was doing it for my family to provide for them.. in hindsight I can see what they really needed from me (more than the things money can provide) was my time and friendship…

    I really feel down at the moment about this.. and was just wondering if you or anyone reading this may have any advice for me to encourage me and help me turn things around?..

    Thank you for the work you are doing to inspire others to greatness in all areas.. It has made me realize some things I need to change


    • Hey Andy.. thanks for taking the time to comment… I’ll aim to reply to you with an answer your question deserves in the next 24 hours or so

      Helping You Determine Your Destiny
      Chris T Atkinson 🙂 ..
      Chris T Atkinson recently posted..Mariah Carey – Hero – Inspirational SongsMy Profile

    • Jodie says:

      Andy, it is a hard road you have ahead of you re turning things around. I will give you my best advise as a parent of five, one of which i have had many many problems with. Firstly be honest with your children about where you stand on this. secondly do not parent with regret, trying to make up for the past. only endeavor to improve the present and the future… living in regret will only cause a lot of new parenting problems…

      do not make a single promise about how you will change, only that you will make effort to change. keep boundaries clear and appropriate consequences in place. if you make a mistake be honest but move on. DO NOT PARENT WITH GUILT… Take the time to make the time, at first they may push, they probably will push… in what direction depends on the kids, but enforce that you love them and you ARE going to take the time to parent them, with love, honesty, time, understanding, not letting boundaries slip due to regret…

      keep boundaries and appropriate consequences firm…. but do not hold on to anger and always keep love firmer.. if your son is not respecting his mother, discipline him, but dont hold the anger. for example if you ground him, that does not mean you need to lecture him the whole time,do not go back on the grounding but play footy, or what ever you do. love him while he is being punished. he will push you need to stay firm, in love and discipline.

      GOD BLESS.

      • Jodie says:

        Andy, I see that you were moved by what Chris has written, that is great stuff, rewarding the good and ignoring some of the negative things, like accidental breakage……. instead those moments can be used to reinforce
        the fact that we love our kids and have their best interest at heart…

    • Hi Andy

      Appreciate your patience on my reply… Jodie has given you some pretty good advice so I wont add too much on the excellent points Jodie has touched on…Except to highlight this point.. In The Masters Book it says this,

      “We love because He First Loved Us”…

      What this means is that we can only give to others what we have ourselves… In other words when we have known the unconditional love of God it is then we can easily give this type of love.. anything else is merely band aid treatments… One fundamentally needs a change of heart.. A full cup of love overflows love onto those around it.. just as a person who has received the unconditional love of God does

      And empty cup cannot give…

      Ask God to help you to know the heaven type of love.. for it is then that you will naturally find your priorities changing.. this is true and lasting change…

      But whilst you are growing in this type of unconditional love do as Jodie has encouraged you to do.. Starting with honesty humbly asking your family to forgive you where they have felt hurt…

      As Jodie said, make no promises to them.. but simply say that you are seeking to become a better Husband, Father and most importantly friend… And when you feel love beginning to bubble up within you for your family.. then flow with it and allow it to take you with them wherever it will…

      This type of love may take you outside with your boy playing footy or doing the things he loves with him… this type of love may find you saying to your Daughter from the heart “Even if you flunk school I will always love you”… It may find you spontaneously taking your wife out into town for a night of dancing and romancing and expressing heartfelt thanks for all she does…

      But the important thing is that we love because we first were loved… As the unconditional love of God begins to touch your life let it flow effortlessly to your family…

      Hope that helped you Andy… and thanks Jodie for your input…

      Helping You Determine Your Destiny
      Chris T Atkinson
      Chris T Atkinson recently posted..Stevie Wonder – For Once in My Life – Inspirational Songs(Fast)My Profile

      • Andy says:

        Thank you so much Chris & Jodie for taking the time to help me…

        I took your advice Jodie and sat down with my family and asked for forgiveness from them where I had put work before them over the years.. to say it was an emotional moment for me would be an understatement… I broke down in tears before them as I was trying to explain where I’d gone wrong… In fact we all ended up crying..

        I really felt so much love coming out from me to them in that moment and I guess they felt that way too as they told me they forgave me…. And I took your advice and didn’t make any promises to them but just said i would try to be a better man or more importantly as you said Chris I would seek to allow God love to touch and change e from the inside out so that it would then spill onto my family…

        Well it seems like that is happening already… thank you.. thank you!

        You guys rock… I love you guys

        And you know what?.. my son likes skateboarding and we went down to the skate ring the other day together and that really seemed to make a difference.. And I actually told my daughter that I would still love her if she failed school(and you know what? in that moment I actually felt that that was the truth), and she looked at me strange like, “Is this really my dad haha”

        And I am taking my wife out for dinner and a movie this Saturday night.. So we’ll see how that goes! 🙂 ..

        Many thanks again Chris and Jodie. And for anyone reading this be encouraged it’s never too late to change!

  11. David Glenroy. says:

    Chris, this is a great article.

    It shows that we are continually growing and we can continue to grow with our kids.

    Thanks for reminding we that we aren’t born with knowledge but it is something that has to be earnt and learned.

    Good on you my Brother.

    • Hey David… Great to hear from you…

      Yeah absolutely mate that we are continually growing and we can continue to grow with our kids. In fact I think kids give us the greatest opportunity to grow in many ways in that they help us to see things as a child does if we are willing to connect and open our hearts on that level…

      As Jesus one of the greatest law of attraction masters said in The Masters Book:-

      And he(Jesus) said:

      “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” – (Matthew 18:3)

      Kids help us to get in touch with our hearts if we allow them to… and as we begin to listen to the inner voice within our hearts that speaks to us.. We begin to learn many things.. all geniuses learn intuitively this way… This is why the Genius Alebert Einstein said:-

      * “I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. – Albert Einstein


      * “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere. – Albert Einstein

      two articles I’ve written recently that you may enjoy on becoming like a little child to tap into our genius are below…

      What Willy Wonka And Einstein Taught Me About Success And The Law of Attraction:-

      The Success Secrets And Famous Life Changing Quotes Of Albert Einstein Revealed

      And yes David you are right on the money when you say that we learn knowledge as we journey through this life.. More knowledge, power and love to you!…

      Helping You Determine Your Destiny
      Chris T Atkinson
      Chris T Atkinson recently posted..Mariah Carey – Hero – Inspirational SongsMy Profile

  12. Jodie says:

    Chris, the inspirational songs, great idea!

    Just reading the titles and having the few verses I know coming to mind has raised my spirits.
    I was already in a good mood now i’m lifted to the next level.

    As a child i always noticed that there was peace in the house while music was playing..
    Perhaps my parents only played music when they were in a good mood, but i think in turn it put us in a good mood. so the house was peaceful…

    Definitely a good idea to make a point of listening to inspirational songs while feeling down, rather than letting the negative feelings take hold..

    Im set to listen to the list you have while i chop through some work, i have to do here.
    Thanks it will make my work alot easier….

    My hands will be working while my mind is off pondering greater things…

  13. Hey Jodie

    Thanks heaps mate re your encouragement re the inspirational songs being a great idea! ..

    And that’s an interesting insight you have about growing up as a child in that there was peace in the house while music was playing..

    Great point too that you make about your hands working while your mind is off pondering greater things whilst listening to inspirational songs…Excellent way to do two things at once which is one of the beautiful things about listening to music

    Helping You Determine Your Destiny
    Chris T Atkinson

    Chris T Atkinson recently posted..Stevie Wonder – For Once in My Life – Inspirational Songs(Fast)My Profile

  14. KellyK says:

    Hey Chris,

    I’ve been visiting with my son who is a Marine and he’s been home for a few weeks, so I haven’t been checking my emails or facebook or the new site here that I love, naturally because spending time with him has been important. But do you know that while I was hanging with him, we had a really, really postive and great time together! He and I have butt heads in the past, and didn’t have the greates relationship since my divorce, and he blamed me for a lot, so that made for problems.

    But I have to say that after watching this awesome and extremely entertaining video, plus reading your article, I am looking back at my visit with my son, and it all makes really good sense! I did endeavor to speak to him withnothing but positive words, not encourage any kind of fighting if I felt he was getting a litlle smart with me ( a few times), and what a major difference in our time together. He even had some nice and really good things to say to me!

    Of course he was away sailing the world for 11 months and no doubt missed his family, but the attitude we project to our kids at any age does make a difference in how they respond! It was really uplifting to read what you put in this article and especially after such a time I had, and still will because he is still home a few more days, to ENJOY my son. I hope he has enjoyed his family as well, and that he is seeing the importance of his family, even mom!

    So I really enjoyed the video and the article because I got to experience it first hand with my son. Thanks for all you are doing for this website, and maybe, just maybe, the whole world will start seeing what would happen if we all just started loving each other! Talk soon!


  15. Hey KellyK

    Great to hear you enjoyed your time with your Son.. and that you intuitively were doing the things I shared in this article.. Namely focusing on the positive and ignoring the negative(when he got a little smart with you just a few times)…

    But more importantly you rewarded the positives in your son as you celebrated him being with you.. no doubt he felt abundantly loved by you and then naturally allowed the overflow of his love to return to you with the kindness he gave back to you…

    You are a true treasure Kelly and yes just maybe, the whole world will start seeing what would happen if we all just started loving each other… Which you have done with your Son…

    Always love hearing from you Kelly… Talk Soon 🙂 ..

    Helping You Determine Your Destiny
    Chris T Atkinson
    Chris T Atkinson recently posted..Happiness Is Now Inspirational Quote And Greatest Oratorio Ever Composed ArticleMy Profile

  16. Dave Glenroy. says:

    Chris your onto something. I’m starting to realise this stuff really works. I’ve found the “Law of Attraction” a real eye opener and has given me some good insights into my self. Alot of the stuff outlined in your program are old and well proven methods.

    Maybe it’s just my time to change or as I see it , grow up. I’m really enjoying this living in the now. When you’ve had it wrong for so long, it’s a revelation to have a taste of how life can be. Will continue to work on it.

    Thanks Chris and The Law of Attraction.

  17. Hey Dave

    That’s awesome to read what is going on in your life re the law of attraction discoveries you are making…

    And yes you are right in that there is nothing new under the sun as the law of attraction has been around since the beginning of creation..

    And the great master teacher Jesus taught on both “the law of attraction” and “the power of now” extensively in The Masters Book..

    As well as King Solomon who is recorded as being the wisest and wealthiest man recorded in Ancient History… who also taught on both these truths in the Masters Book in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes ..

    And mate those who choose to grow up instead of grow old have chosen the best path… and Im happy to be sharing that path and journey with you.. growing up and into who we are.. the true Us…

    Keep In touch here sharing your revelations Dave..

    Helping You Determine Your Destiny
    Chris T Atkinson
    Chris T Atkinson recently posted..Happiness Is Now Inspirational Quote And Greatest Oratorio Ever Composed ArticleMy Profile

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