The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

Like anything else in life, there is a science to getting rich. It isn’t something which happens to the lucky, smart, or handsome. Being wealthy is something which can happen to anybody- even you. The Science of Getting Rich is a book which was written by a man named Wallace D. Wattles. He published it in 1910 and it has become a popular publication ever since. After all, who doesn’t want to become rich?

You can get the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles free eBook download here if you are interested in reading it. If you are looking for a summary, then keep reading. We are going to discuss some of the various concepts described in the book and ultimately help you decide if this is something you might like. With that being said, let’s begin.

Right to Be Rich

Wallace D Wattles starts off his book the Science of Getting Rich saying that we are all meant to be rich. The universe is an abundance place and that everyone is born to receive all the good that it has to offer. However, as we grow up, events and circumstances cause people to block all of the good coming into their life- more specifically, the money. When you carry money blocking thoughts, you literally stop all wealth from coming into your life. It is like you turned off the magnet in a room full of metal.

On the flipside, when you work with the universe instead of against it, you’ll notice that it will go out of its way to see that you are happy. This is the first concept he talks about in his book and I think it’s a good one because most people have no idea that they are meant to live a prosperous and abundant life.

Being Grateful

This is probably the number one, overlooked strategy when it comes to attracting wealth into your life. You have to be grateful for what you already have. If you aren’t, then what makes you think that the universe is going to supply you with anymore? It won’t. Wallace knew this and he wanted everyone else to know this too. You see, being grateful can be shown in many ways.

For one, you should wake up every morning and say, “Thank you” for all of the good that is in your life- regardless if you are broke or not. Once you begin doing this, you set into motion a powerful change that will bring you tons of wealth and happiness. Another form of gratitude is to actually give away some of your earnings. “You get what you give”. This is a popular mantra is the Law of Attraction community and is also the basis behind Wattles book. You can’t more money if you are afraid of losing it.

Getting into the Right Business

This concept tends to fool a lot of people. Wallace D Wattles states that we can literally become rich in any field or with any business idea that we have. The universe isn’t biased towards good ideas and bad ideas- it simply responds to the person who makes efficient action out of what he or she has to work with and rewards that individual. If you forget everything else about the Science of Getting Rich book, understand my friend, that you can become rich in whatever field you are currently in.

Helping You Determine Your Destiny

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