Oprah Winfrey – Pt 2 The Secrets of Success Revealed (The Law of Attraction Video Series on Letting Go And Letting God) Part 2



Pt 2 The Success Secrets Of Oprah Winfrey Revealed
The Law of Attraction Video Series
(Letting Go And Letting God)

In this 10 minute Law of attraction video.. The Success Secrets of Oprah Winfrey are revealed regarding how to let go & let God in order to rapidly harness The Law of Attraction to create the life of your dreams.

Oprah shares a personal example how she harnessed The Law of Attraction by letting go and letting God after she had come to the end of herself… IE She had exhausted all of her own energy to unsuccessfully star in the movie “The Color Purple”…

But it was only after coming to the end of herself that she let go (i.e she let go of having to star in the movie) and she let God(she handed it all in God’s hands) feeling the reassurance that it would all be ok one way or the other… It was only then that God able to go to work on Oprah’s behalf through the law of attraction to secure Oprah the starring role in the movie “The Color Purple” ..

Helping You Determine Your Destiny

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