Affirmations For The Subconscious Mind

Even when prompted, most people are oblivious to their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, when a negative phrase such as “I am so bad at this” is used, it actually hinders their success rather than help it (even though it was meant to motivate them). Point being, the messages you send to your subconscious mind have the potential to become lethal. What separates someone who is successful from someone who isn’t is that the first group uses affirmations for the subconscious mind to get what they want. They literally create positive realities via the words coming out of their mouth.

What Are Positive Affirmations?

Basically, an affirmation is a short sentence which outlines a positive feature about someone. For example, “I am confident and prosperous” or “I resonate with love and joy” are considered positive affirmations because they are “affirming” your positive traits. These sentences have also been called self-hypnosis and auto suggestions. So, how can these affirmations for the subconscious mind help you?

Positive affirmations are a powerful technique anyone can use to change how they think and feel about themselves. When you feel good about yourself, you tend to act congruently when dealing with other situations and people. The great news is that positive affirmations can work for anyone and you can use it for a variety of reasons. You can change your habitual thought patterns, your attitude, or anything else which is related to your mind. By using this technique for an extended period of time, you literally “re-program” your subconscious mind to take on this new behavior.

One way to remain in a positive stay throughout your day is to condition your thoughts. Affirmations can help you do that because they increase your confidence and beliefs levels and somehow seem to manifest your desires. The key here is repetition. By consistently reciting your positive affirmations, you further ingrain the “new you” into your subconscious mind. Sooner or later, this new way of thinking becomes the norm.

Benefits of Using Positive Affirmations For The Subconscious Mind

One of the main benefits to use positive affirmations in your life is that you can literally change any area you desire- health, relationships, finances, and happiness. People who make a habit of using positive affirmations are usually mentally tougher and have a higher degree of awareness and self-efficiency. On the flipside, individuals who don’t use this technique are typically prisoners of their own mind and find it difficult to create the life of their dreams.

Positive affirmations also have a huge impact on your energy levels. You’ll be resonating on a positive frequency more often and you’ll be in a much better mood throughout your days. This is why self-help experts insist that you start your day with positive affirmations. This gets the ball rolling for creating more abundance and prosperity for that day.

Finally, positive affirmations allow individuals to reach their full capabilities and push past their normal comfort zones. By consistently repeating positive things to your subconscious mind, you eliminate doubt, insecurity, and fear and all you are left with is unshakable confidence and a belief that nothing is out of reach.


In order to make your dreams a reality, and to truly remove any limitations within your mind, you have to vibrate in harmony with the universe. More specifically, you have to vibrate in harmony with whatever it is that you are attracting. That is the basis behind the Law of Attraction. Positive affirmations can help you step into that frequency so that the manifestation process happens much quicker and effortlessly.

The universe is all about vibrations. Either you are vibrating on a positive frequency or you are vibrating on a negative frequency. The only person responsible for your frequency is you. Whether you realize it or not, the subconscious mind is responsible for the unlimited power and knowledge within you. When you learn how to communicate with The Subconscious Mind via positive affirmations or auto suggestions, you’ll tap into something so magnificent that abundance will soar your way.

Begin today to use Affirmations For The Subconscious Mind! And watch your life transform…

Helping You Determine Your Destiny

Chris T Atkinson 🙂
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