Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind takes its job of managing the energies of your heart seriously. It speaks a sensory language of physiological sensations and felt emotional feelings, transmitted throughout your body’s communication network.

Why influence your subconscious mind?

  • Its primary directive is your survival.

When it thinks you cannot manage these energies, in other words, cannot handle disappointment, fear, etc., it takes over. Thus, the first reason you want to be able to influence your subconscious mind is to actively give it the assurance it needs that you can handle feelings of vulnerability, without being overwhelmed — an ability that is critical to the formation of emotional intimacy.  If your perceptions tell it you cannot, which is often the case, it automatically takes charge to put you in protective mode.

  • Its second directive is to ensure you thrive.

You’re not designed to merely survive, even more compellingly, you’re driven by inner motivational forces to thrive.

Beneath the surface of a heated discussion on the issue of money, communication, sex, etc., for example, are inner hardwired drives that compel you to love and connect, to find value and recognition in relation to those you most love, and life in general.

  • The subconscious drives to survive and thrive shape your every behavior.

To thrive, you need to know how to calm and assure your own heart in moments when survival fears surface, such as rejection, inadequacy or abandonment. If you do not feel safe enough to love, your body automatically goes into protective mode.

It’s safe to say that the ongoing management of your heart is the most challenging task you face in life. To succeed, it’s essential to understand how your mind and body work. To start, here are three of the Laws of Change:

First Law: Thoughts create your reality — and destiny.

Your subconscious mind is always eavesdropping on your thoughts. In fact, it listens for verbal and nonverbal instructions.

  • As it does no thinking of its own, it relies on your perceptions of events to know how to interpret life around you.

It wouldn’t know if a tiger is a threat to you or not, for example, without checking your perceptions. A tiger may seem an obvious threat, however, if you were a lion tamer, you would likely love getting into the cage with your big cats.

  • Thus, it is your thoughts, and not events that cause your painful emotions or defensiveness.

Your thoughts, and the underlying beliefs that drive them, literally, are the instructions your subconscious uses to fire the chemical reactions, accordingly. When your perceptions of life – your thoughts – activate survival fears, they produce a predictable pattern. Limiting beliefs produce images in your mind that cause fear-based emotions that, in turn, activate your survival response.

Second Law: Make conscious the subconscious.

Limiting or otherwise, all beliefs form perceptions that the subconscious depends on to filter incoming data.

You may have already spent most of your life trying to prove that you’re good enough to live it. That’s the power of these limiting beliefs. You need to know that:

  • Limiting beliefs are lies because they do not serve you or life in you.

They limit rather than free you to be all you are meant to be. By keeping your focus on survival fears, they merely increase the odds that, for example, you and your partner will use words and nonverbal gestures that further deepen the painful emotions you likely already feel. This could even start an argument that lasts for days!

Third Law: Embrace Painful Emotions — Or Be Controlled By Them.

To develop emotional intelligence, become fully emotionally mature, it’s essential that you give your subconscious mind full permission to allow you to experience the complete range of emotions of … vulnerability.

There are no shortcuts here.

As a human being, you naturally aspire to feel positive emotions of the heart — love, enthusiasm, confidence, among others. That’s grand and fabulously the way it needs to be. It’s what the heart yearns for, relentlessly.

Rarely is instruction needed for “dealing” with your positive emotions, however!

Helping You Determine Your Destiny

Chris T Atkinson 🙂
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