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Do you ever wonder why around 2% of the population earns around 98% of all the money that’s being made? Do you think that this is an accident? Do you think those people simply got lucky? The truth is that building wealth and attracting abundance into your life is like mathematics- there is a simple formula for everything you wish to manifest. If you follow the formula with persistently and with discipline, nothing can stop you from having the money you wish to attract into your life.

These are the concepts which are discussed in great detail in the Think and Grow Rich eBook PDF. Napoleon Hill (the author) teaches readers how to use the one thing which is truly responsible for generating wealth: your mind. Your thoughts have the power to create any reality that you want. It also has the power to deny that reality. Hill states that it is our job as creators to decide what we want, hold on to that thought, and have absolute faith that it is coming even though a clear path may not be currently visible.

Six Ghosts of Fear

In the Think and Grow Rich eBook PDF, Napoleon covers something called the “Six Ghosts of Fear”. Basically, these are the six primary fears which he believes stops people from becoming as successful as they can be. They are:

  1. Poverty
  2. Criticism
  3. Health
  4. Lost Love
  5. Old Age
  6. Death

He makes people understand that if you consistently try to live your life through any of these six fears, you’ll never become successful. For example, if you are trying to get rich because you are “afraid” of being poor, then you will never see abundance in your life. This is because you are trying to manifest from a place of lack.

Unfortunately, this never works in terms of getting what you want. Or maybe you are “afraid” to venture into a specific business because you don’t want to be criticized by your peers. This too is a form of fear which can prevent you from ever experiencing success.

Is This Book For You?

Think and Grow rich is very rich in knowledge and is no doubt one of the leading contributors for helping individuals increase the amount of abundance in their lives. However, whether or not you’ll benefit from it depends on thing: your flexibility. You may have to temporarily give up any beliefs about money which holding onto so that you can adapt the ones in the book. This can be hard for some people, and this is understandable. After all, most of us has been trapped in the same perpetual way of think all our lives.

For example, Napoleon states that everything is made up of the same “stuff”. Essentially, we are all one “being” chaotically intertwined in this universe, which doesn’t know space or time. In theory, the abundance you search for has already happened, is happening, and is going to happen. You see, Hill explains that space and time are human based principles which can actually hinder our ability to manifest our desires. Once we realize that everything we want is already ours, negative emotions like worry or anger seem to dissipate thus, opening a clear channel to riches.


Nobody can argue that it can be difficult to live a full life if you have to constantly worry about money. Many people slave away at their jobs, only to barley scrape by (and have little time to spend with family and loved ones). This is an epidemic which needs to be put to an end. Think and Grow Rich teaches people how to unlock their most valuable tool: their mind. When you begin to understand that you are the ultimate creator in your life, you’ll unleash a power so great and so versatile, that you’ll be able to have anything.

Helping You Determine Your Destiny

Chris T Atkinson 🙂
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